Car Safety Tips to Keep Your Family Safe on The Road

Road trips are perfect for family bonding, but only if you make sure you’re driving safely in a well-functioning vehicle. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to inspect your car and brush up on car safety measures, before you sit behind the wheel.

car safety tips

Today, we’ve prepared invaluable car safety tips to remember when you start getting ready for your next family trip.

Always fasten a seatbelt

seat belt

The golden rule of driving is always buckling up with a seatbelt. No matter how experienced and skilled a driver you are, you can never know who the other driver on the road will be. They may be driving under the influence, get distracted or have a vehicle malfunction that they won’t be able to handle well and cause an accident. Seatbelts can protect all the passengers from falling out of the car or hurting themselves while still in the car. You have to be prepared for the worst even though you’ll hope for the best because traffic in Australia and worldwide is always unpredictable.  

Keep kids entertained

Kids in car

Toddlers and tweens can often be restless during a car ride, which can consequently affect the driver negatively. Don’t let the kids distract you and stress you out, but offer them proper entertainment. One parent can sit in the back and tell them a story or read to them. Give them their favourite toys to play with or load up a tablet with their favourite cartoons to keep their attention occupied. Eventually, they will get tired and take a nap, allowing you to drive without any fussing from behind.

Do regular car servicing

car servicing

If you tend to drive your car often around the rocky roads of Australia, we advise you to take the car for a regular inspection. You can find top-rated car service Woollahra wide and leave your vehicle in safe hands knowing they’ll service your vehicle well and ensure a safe ride for many more miles. From tyres to breaks, oils and other fluids, you need to make sure that every vital part of your vehicle is performing excellently so that you and your family can stay safe.  

Don’t drive tired


Aside from keeping the car working well, the driver also needs to be in top shape. Before setting off. Never drive if you’re tired, hungry or stressed out. You need to be fully focused on the road and keep your motor skills at the highest level. So, the minute you feel too tired, take a break from driving. If there is another person who can drive, switch and take some time to enjoy the scenery as they drive. Stop at a restaurant, motel or gas station where you can cool off and stretch your legs. Keep hydrating your body with water and always stock up on snacks to keep your blood sugar levels in check.

Bring protective gear in case of snow

driving in snow

If you’re travelling in between the seasons and you can expect snowy conditions on the road, don’t forget to bring protective gear with you. Store the chains safely in the box in the trunk and load up on tools and necessities that can help during any potential car malfunction on the road. Tyre pressure gauge, jumper cables, flashlight, and a portable cell phone charger will be invaluable during any roadside mishap.

Driving safely is imperative when you set off on a trip. Keeping yourself and your family out of harm’s way is possible with good preparation and high awareness of potential accidents. So, don’t forget to service your car regularly to ensure a safe drive for many more miles. Drive when you’re rested, bring protective gear, keep kids entertained and always fasten the seatbelt.

Car Safety Tips to Keep Your Family Safe on The Road 1

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