Top Things To Do When Moving House

Moving house is a stressful and complicated, and losing sight of what you have to do next is easy. That is why we have put this guide together to assist you in keeping track of all the key procedures involved in moving.

When Moving House

1. Do your homework

If you have found the perfect home, made an offer on your new property, and had your offer accepted, it is time to begin your moving house checklist! A simple move can take roughly eight weeks if there are no issues and you’ll want to ensure you know the best time to move. To guarantee a seamless property sale or purchase transaction, getting the legal side in place early on is critical. That means checking over everything you need to do in advance, ideally with a list like this.

2. Schedule your house survey

With just over a month until your move, you should start cleaning away everything you do not want to be transferred to your new house. A thorough cleaning will save you money on relocation and make unpacking easy! Even if you do not have a clear date, you may begin arranging your relocation. Do some research into what to consider before hiring a moving company – verhuisbedrijf, so you know what questions to ask.

3. Complete contracts and start to pack

One month before your big move, you should have a Chartered Surveyor evaluate your new home and advise you on its structural condition. If there are any problems, you should renegotiate your offer. You can now speak with your solicitor about exchanging contracts and finalizing your moving date so you can appoint your chosen removal company and arrange parking and permits for the removal vehicles at both addresses. It is almost time to get moving!

4. Prepare to move

It is all about verifying essential things in preparation for your transfer at this point in the process. If your removal company does not offer additional services such as unplugging washing machines, disassembling/reassembling furniture, and packing, now is the time to arrange for these. On moving day, you may want to leave children or pets with family members to focus on moving everything as quickly as possible.

5. Change your address and organize yourself

It is your last week at your current residence before relocating, and this week is all about planning, finishing up your packing, and getting ready to go!

6. Get ready to leave your former residence

When Moving House

To ensure nothing has been overlooked over your final 24 hours at your old residence, it is time for a final inspection and walks around the house. You will feel more at home and get a better night’s sleep with an overnight bag. Ensure this is distinct from the items transported by the removal truck.

7. Close the door and go

When your moving company arrives, be prepared so they can get to work quickly. Identify any boxes that require special handling or that they are not allowed to take. As soon as you leave the keys for the new owner, take meter readings to give to your service providers. You should now relocate to your new house.

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