Feeling festive with Clintons

You may remember that I posted about the cool Halloween products that we were sent by Clinton’s back in October. Well now we’re getting in the mood for Christmas and so Clintons have sent us a few more bits and pieces to get us into the spirit of Christmas. Every Christmas without fail I go … Read more

P’kolino Silly Soft

Do you have an inquisitive little toddler who loves to build, climb, clamber and every now and then, rest!? Well I do and I have found the perfect bit of kit for him. The P’kolino Silly Soft is a stuffed toy/seating/jigsaw type of toy with multiple features to support your todder’s developmental needs and give … Read more

Stylophone brings back happy memories

“You don’t know what a Stylophone is?” that was the shocked response I gave to my Husband when I told him I was being sent a Stylophone to review and he said “a what?”. The Stylophone has actually been around for over 40 years making its first appearance in 1968 when over 3 million were … Read more