Stylophone brings back happy memories

“You don’t know what a Stylophone is?” that was the shocked response I gave to my Husband when I told him I was being sent a Stylophone to review and he said “a what?”.

Stylophone Stylophone

The Stylophone has actually been around for over 40 years making its first appearance in 1968 when over 3 million were sold. A stylophone is an electronic pocket organ which plays notes when the stylus is tapped or dragged along the metal surface.

This iconic gadget has now been re-released with all the features of the original but with a few new features such as volume control and the ability to connect an MP3 player which means you can play your own music through it and play along to the beat yourself. I remembered watching Mark Ronson playing on a stylophone when he was a guest on a chat show last year and it played on my heart strings as I remember having one as a child but can’t for the life of me remember what I did with it so I was over the moon when I was offered one to review by re:creation.

You can choose between classic, synth or bass sounds and you can add vibrato enhancement if you so wish. Parents of children without an ear for music will be pleased to know that the newer model has a headphone socket so you don’t need to wear ear plugs.

When Hubby saw it for the first time his brain clicked and he remembered them from his youth too and couldn’t resist having a dabble himself, being a piano player he sounded more of a pro than me but I don’t care I’ve been having loads of fun. I have let the children play on it a little bit and they think its great but for the most part I’m hogging it for now. I think this would make a fantastic Christmas present for anyone this year be they young or old, the only problem buying it for a youngster of course is that they might not see much of it if they have parents like me!

Stylophone Original

Available NOW from Argos for £14.99

Requires 3 x AAA batteries

Age: 7+ (and adults!!)

DISCLAIMER: I was sent a Stylophone for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are my own and may not be copied without my express permission.

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  1. I have been after one of these since they were first rereleased about 4 years ago, but I noticed earlier this year they are alot easier to get hold of now…..hopefully santa will think i have been good enough for one this year!!

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