• Renting office space

    Why renting office space could be right for you?

    I have worked from home for many years now, don’t get me wrong I absolutely love it, it means I can be there to take my children to school, help on school trips and be with them during the school holidays but it can feel quite isolating sometimes. It’s lonely at home One of the […]

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  • Mortgage Advice

    How to get a mortgage when you’re a freelancer

    There are a lot of misconceptions about getting a mortgage if you’re a freelancer: mainly that it’s not possible. Thankfully this isn’t true, which is just as well, because more people in the UK are choosing to become self-employed. In fact, according to Online Mortgage Advisor, an estimated 14.8% of the working population, nearly 5 […]

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  • Is Now Really The Best Time To Go It Alone?

    More and more people are looking for ways to better balance their working lives with their home lives. It’s never easy. We all want to have as much quality times with our families as possible. The trouble is there are more school holidays than there are work holidays. And a full-time job plus a commute […]

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