• France

    Guide to a Family Road Trip in France

    So often, as parents, we get extremely stressed about the prospect of a family holiday – especially when there are 6 of you! Yet, with proper planning and a good destination in mind, there’s no need for a family holiday to cause you any (more) grey hairs. France is one of the best destinations when […]

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  • French Cities

    10 French Cities You Should Visit in 2020

    You could be a history lover, adventure seeker, or wine reveller. The cities of France could satiate all the wanderlust in you. This land of liberty, equality, and fraternity had an eventful past that includes the hundred years of war and the French revolution. Now the French teach the world to stay happy and enjoy […]

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  • TotstoTravel

    Tips for visiting France with Babies and Toddlers

    France is a popular destination for UK families thanks to the proximity to the UK, which makes for short travel times. Still, it isn’t always the most baby-friendly destination, so if you plan a holiday there, it pays to be prepared. Family Friendly Villas Choosing a villa through a reputable company like Tots to Travel […]

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