Interplay Indoor Fairy Garden

Little Bean is very much a girly girl, she loves all things pink, sparkly, fluffy and floaty so I knew the Interplay Indoor Fairy Garden would be right up her street. It arrived just before we set off for our holiday in Menorca and thanks to the house being upside down with builders so it’s only in the last week of school that we finally found the time (and space) to set up her Fairy Garden.

Create your own Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden

Spread your wings and let the Fairy in you fly!

Get your hands dirty

In preparation for starting her garden I asked Daddy to help her sort out the compost as he is in charge of the outdoors. By this I meant please find the compost and help Little Bean but in his mind this meant, please go ahead and do it by yourself so before Little Bean could get her hands on her garden Daddy had filled up her container and had already scattered the grass seed all around the container. You will see at the end of this post why there is a reason to sprinkle the grass seed AFTER you have set up your Fairy Garden.

Fairy Garden

Adding the little details

Setting up the Fairy Garden is easy, you can follow the instructions as Little Bean did or you can get creative and add your own little touches from nature (twigs, small plants/flowers) to really give it an authentic feel. Little Bean said that she will add to her Fairy Garden over time as she finds things on one of our nature walks. She was able to do most of the garden herself as you can see from the video but I needed to help her with tying the washing line to the poles.

Tending to the Fairy Garden

Once the garden was set up, all that was left to do was keep watering the garden and place it in sunlight to encourage the grass seeds to grow. We filled up a water spray bottle and left it next to the Fairy Garden as a reminder for Little Bean who sprayed the Fairy Garden a couple of times a day. After about 5 days we started to notice the grass seeds sprouting and now 8 days later she has quite a good coverage of grass, although thanks to sprinkling the grass seed before setting up the Fairy Garden she also has a grassy path so she might have to do a little weeding.

Fairy Garden

Our thoughts 

The Fairy Garden is a lovely project for young Fairy/Nature enthusiasts, however having a very young brother in the house means that it’s not practical for us to leave it in Little Bean’s bedroom for her to care for or indeed on any low level surface as we need it out of his meddling way.

RRP £14.99

DISCLAIMER: We received the Interplay Fairy Garden Kit free of charge for the purpose of this review. All words, images and video are my own and may not be copied without my permission.


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