Summer Lane from me&i – pop open the Pimms!

This morning saw the launch of a Limited Edition release from Swedish cool clothing brand me&i called Summer Lane and I LOVE it! This evening I held my first me&i party with a group of friends so we were able to see, feel and try on the clothing in the comfort of my home. I’ll tell you all about that another day but I didn’t want to waste any further time in telling you about the beautiful Summer Lane, it was only released today and such is the popularity of it that one dress has already sold out in some of the sizes.


me&i’s limited edition release ‘Summer Lane’ is here offering everything from sporty stripes to glamorous snake print. How about a classic summer combo in the lovely white jumper with navy stripes, perfectly teamed with the cropped twill pants! Or the sporty dress in grey marl with thin lemon yellow stripes? Everybody’s favourite, the jumpsuit, is back in black while the real statement pieces of the collection are the snake print trousers and tank top. Gorgeous on their own but absolutely fantastic together! 

I tried on the gorgeous white jumper with navy stripes and it looks amazing on, the one thing you’ll notice immediately when you get up close with me&i clothing is just how soft they are. I could just picture myself sitting in the sunshine with a glass of Pimms in my hand with an expanse of water, twinkling in the sunlight before me. Bring on the summer!

Still reading? Don’t waste any more time, book your party or get your order in now!


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