Snow brings out the child in you

As we grow up I think it’s fair to say we sometimes forget just how much fun it was to be a child – we get soooo caught up in everyday life – work, bills, household chores – I don’t think I need to explain that bit to you. But just recently with thanks to the snow mainly, some of that has gone on the back burner and we’ve been having fun. We forgot how much the snow brings out the child in you!

We are fortunate enough to live near a large open grassy bank which is fantastic for sledging and even more fortunate that when we bought our house the previous occupants left their sledge in the garage for us (their kids had grown up and moved out).

Snow much fun!

Snow brings out the child in you 1

We took Curly and Baby Bean out onto the snow and had heaps of fun. Usually, I see snow and want to curl up in the front of the fire but suddenly the child within me started screaming to get out and play. Even Hubby needed a little persuasion!

Big brother to the rescue

Snow brings out the child in you 2

Baby Bean took one step outside in the snow, which she had been stood inside eagerly pointing at, and said firmly “no”! She then turned around and walked back in the house. After a little coaxing from her big brother, she finally stepped outside and followed him towards the big snowy hill.

Baby Bean’s first sledge ride

Fun in the snow

All was going well until she tripped when I wasn’t looking and landed face down in the snow – after a quick brush down and a big cuddle, she eventually stopped crying. We watched Curly sledging down the hill a couple of times and then I asked if she wanted a go, she didn’t reply so I took it as a yes. Daddy took her first and although she didn’t smile or laugh, she didn’t cry!

and again . . .

Snow brings out the child in you

At the bottom of the hill, we asked her if she wanted to go again and she just said “Yes” – time and time again she went down the hill, on Daddy’s knee, on my knee and on Curly’s knee. After about 12 slides she finally broke into a smile but then said “no”.

and again!

Snow brings out the child in you 3

Curly thought it was fantastic that he could do something with his sister, he is fiercely protective of her and held onto her so tightly, I think it made him feel good that he was responsible for her even if it was just for a few seconds at a time. I loved watching them together and as a family, we laughed and had fun. I didn’t quite manage a snowball fight but we did go home and build a snowman (well two actually).

Family fun and laughter

Curly and Baby Bean

And then today we’ve had a family get together for my sister-in-laws birthday. This was nice for Baby Bean because her cousin Cheeky Chap (2 yrs) was there too so she had a playmate. As the afternoon wore on, Grandad decided to put a little light music on which really spurred the kiddies into action – they wanted to dance!!

Of course, they didn’t want to dance alone, oh no, they wanted all the adults up dancing too and then they weren’t content at that either, they wanted us to sing and dance so we all did the Hokey Kokey, The Music Man and Ring-o-Roses and I have never seen the children laugh and giggle so much – or the adults for that matter! Initially, we felt stupid but quickly we got into the swing of it and remembered what it was like to be young and just laugh and have fun.

When was the last time you forgot about your worries and just laughed and giggled like a child? Maybe it’s about time you did!

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