Scandinavian Bathroom Design Trends

When it comes to the bathroom, Scandinavians know best.

Scandinavian design is renowned for its beauty and utility and makes creative use of space to turn even the tiniest cloakrooms into a tranquil and inviting sanctuary. With bathrooms continuing to shrink in size in the modern home, it’s not surprising to see why spacious Scandi minimalism is hot on-trend.

Scandinavian Bathroom

If you are familiar with the Scandinavian style, you will know it is all about pared-back design. Think clean lines, smooth edges and a discreet yet functional layout. For those wanting to inspire a sense of ‘hygge’ in the bathroom, consider these top trends for an elegant bathroom refurbishment.


Scandinavian bathrooms make most of the natural light to combat seasonal darkening, so ‘keep it light’ should be your new mantra when designing your bathroom. Gleaming white metro tiles, neutral walls, and white bathroom fixtures will create the illusion of more bathroom space and combine natural wood finishes for a classic Scandi look.

Gorgeous Free Standing Bathtubs

A free-standing bathtub takes inspiration from Scandinavian design and makes a stunning showpiece for any bathroom. Although they use as much space as a regular bathtub, they let space flow around them for a visually lighter feel. As inviting as they are beautiful, you’ll never want to step out of one! Bathtubs that are roll-top, freestanding or clawfoot ooze elegance and offer classic, neat lines for the big or bijou bathroom.

Scandinavian Bathroom

Freeform Luxury

An open-plan layout is a staple feature of a Nordic bathroom, embracing freeform luxury with a Scandinavian-inspired wet room. A wet room creates the illusion of more showering space and allows you to ‘walk in’ and wash away the strains of the day. Recessed shower trays and glass shower screens are easy to install and reduce the need to waterproof the whole room. This makes the wet room style more achievable than ever!

Spa-Like Shower

When it comes to the shower, you shouldn’t have to compromise on style or comfort. Ceiling drenchers are bang on trend and put a spring in your step with a shower that feels like gentle rain. To enjoy the full Scandi-spa experience, digital showers are game-changers for comfort and allow you to step into the perfect shower every time. With digital temperature accuracy, warm-up modes, eco settings and multi-flip shower heads, you can enjoy an invigorating wash every day.

Monochrome Chic

Whilst most Scandinavian bathrooms are almost exclusively white, Scandinavians love high contrast monochrome tiling. Consider a subtle black tile trim across a white wall for a pop of colour, or go for a bold impact with a black hex tile floor that adds depth to the bathroom. For a more delicate contrast, monochrome mosaic floor tiles are a classy alternative that adds a touch of daring elegance to an otherwise white and serene bathroom.

Organic Materials

Nature is at the heart of Scandinavian design, so make sure to invite it into the bathroom. Organic materials soften the sharpness of a classic monochrome colour scheme, and shade-loving plants can really brighten up the darkest of spaces. Traditional craftsmanship is celebrated in Danish culture, so wooden accessories, wooden vanity sets and floating wooden worktops really stand out as feature focal points. Wood can warp and expand through temperature changes, installing an effective extractor fan to ensure a long-lasting design.

Scandinavian Bathroom

A Touch of Hygge

Remember that Scandinavian design should encourage ‘hygge’– a feeling of cosiness and contentment. It’s all about creating the right space for you to relax and unwind in, so make sure your bathroom reflects you and your personality. Splashes of colour, statement artwork, scented candles and soft linen will add warmth to the décor and will make you feel right at home. You can even try current bathroom trends like a vanity to bring out the accents in the rest of the bathroom or to get ideas for the rest of the bathroom.


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