Mature Yet Fashionable: Style Tips for Women of a Certain Age

Some things, such as hemlines, are a big controversy for women “of a certain age.” However, this doesn’t have to mean that you can’t wear fashionable clothes if you’re a mature woman. Here are some guidelines for dressing your own age while still feeling fashionable and fresh.

Extend Your Skirt Length

Have you stopped wearing that favourite skirt because it’s too short? Drag it out from the back of the closet, now you can wear it again without embarrassment thanks to Lacistreet skirt extenders. These delightful undergarments are comprised of a full-length slip with lace trim, so you can add 2-3 inches to a short skirt. They come in a range of style and colours to match all your clothes.

Dare to Wear Denim


Yes, mature women can still wear denim and look cool. Choose an elegant pair of straight leg or boot cut jeans. Look for denim with 2 percent Lycra in the material so they will stretch with you and keep you comfortable.

Wrap It Up

Wrap dresses are a cool way to look smart if you’re a mature woman. They accentuate your figure whether you’re skinny or voluptuous and come in a wide range of prints and styles.

Sport a Cardigan

Cardigans are timeless accessories, but you don’t want to look like a granny, so avoid tweeds and twin-sets and opt for something bright and snazzy. During the warmer seasons pick cardigans that are snug and close-fitting and in winter choose longer, chunky knits.

Wear a Black Leather Jacket

Black leather jacket

You’re never too old to wear a cropped leather jacket, and every woman should have on in her closet. You can wear them with just about everything you own, from blue jeans to dresses. Shop around until you find one that fits you perfectly.

Get Some Fancy Pants

Get on board with a good pair of trousers. Go for a loose fit with a sash or drawstring waist. Pick a soft fabric that won’t wrinkle and go for a dark colour that will mix well with shirts, t-shirts, and sweaters.

Style a White Shirt

White shirt

Every woman should own a crisp white shirt, but that doesn’t mean it has to be starchy. Put your own spin on it with a lace collar, embroidered front, long cuffs, tie sleeves or ruffle details.

Add Color to Your Attire

You can add a little flare to even the most basic wardrobe by introducing colour. Most designers recommend starting with the colour of your eyes and matching colours that flatter. If you have blue eyes, choose blues greens and purples, if your eyes are brown, you’ll look good in cinnamon, plum, and scarlet. If you have very fair skin, avoid colours that make you look washed out. If you are tanned or have darker skin you can pretty much get away with any colour.

Go from frumpy to fabulous today with these great fashion ideas and you’ll look good every day through your fifties and onwards.

Author Bio: Sofia Francis is a fashionista who enjoys altering her own clothes, whether she’s sewing up a skirt from scratch or customizing some thrift-store finds.


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