6 Tips to Saving On Electricity Bills as You Work from Home

During these trying times when everyone is working from home and using electricity throughout. How do you go about improving your electricity bill savings? As you work from home, you may notice your increase in your electrical bill, for you are at home all the time. So, since you are using more electricity than you anticipated, find ways or simple changes to help with electric bill savings. Below are some of the tips for saving on electricity bills as you work from home. 

6 Tips to Saving On Electricity Bills as You Work from Home

1. Track real-time usage 

Nowadays, you can monitor your home’s energy use with devices available on the market. For instance, you can get a smart device installed on your electric panel or plugs directly into the wall. In this way, you have a real-time update of the amount of electricity you are using. Thus, you can see your energy usage, and you can cut back to reduce your bill. To get one of these real-time monitoring systems installed, consider working with a certified electrician from Chicago.

2. Eliminate vampire power 

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This is unplugging idle electronics as they are only consuming energy and are not being used. Many people think that unplugging does not impact your energy consumption bill. However, many times they suck electricity silently and increase your bill. Although it may seem like a lot, and it is easy to leave the electronics plugged in, it slowly increases your electricity consumption. Plus, energy devices like a monitor, computer, printer, and TV, if left unplugged, will increase your bill. 

3. Use energy-efficient equipment 

As you work from home, you are using a lot of equipment around the home. Some equipment uses more energy than others. Therefore, it will not help with your goal of saving electricity bills. As an example, a desktop computer will use more energy than your laptop. So will a dual monitor if it is the set up you are using for work at home with others. Therefore, if you are concerned about your energy consumption, you need to consider the equipment you are using. If you have to buy new equipment, consider purchasing energy star labelled devices. 

4. Adjust your thermostat 

Adjust your thermostat

As you work at home, you have sole control over your thermostat. But, this could mean a spike in your electrical bill as you keep the AC on more than you normally do when it’s hot. To save on energy bills, you can use fans and open windows instead of using the ac. In this way, you can save on your electrical bill significantly. Also, if you need to use the AC, invest in a smart thermostat or limit the amount of time you are using it to ensure you save energy. Target 68 degrees in cooler weather and 78 degrees in warmer weather.

5. Open the blinds 

As you work from home, it is easy to flip on the light. Yet, every time you do this without much thought, you are increasing your electricity bill. Thus, take advantage of using natural lighting in your room during the day. Open your curtains and blinds and let in as much as light possible. Natural light will save you from using overhead lighting and also boost your mood.  

6. Turn on energy-saving features 

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Today, most devices have built-in features for energy efficiency. This is another way to save money on your electricity bill and ensure that the energy-saving features are turned on. It can be adjusting time to go into standby mode or reduce your screen’s brightness, among other features. Also, you can decide to turn your screen saver off. The more technology improves, the better features on devices there will be on energy saving. 

To sum up, the above tips will come in handy if you hope to save energy as you work from home. Other things that you can consider are you can invest in power strips. The power strips help to cut off power to devices that go into standby mode. Also, you can switch to a desk lamp when your natural light does not feel adequate. They are energy efficient in comparison to switching on the overhead light. 

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6 Tips to Saving On Electricity Bills as You Work from Home 1

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    • My Mum is too, she helpfully did it once when we were on holiday and turned off the fish tank and the Sky box so we returned to dead fish and none of our favourite programmes recorded!!

  1. These are all useful tips. We try to keep costs down where we can. I am working on no2 at the moment. My kids and husband like to keep everything plugged in and on.

    • Same here, I lose my mind turning off TVs, games consoles and lights. We are in the middle of building works and I am planning on putting sensor lights in the downstairs toilet as I am so fed up of turning the light off a thousand times a day.

  2. We don’t have AC, but I have noticed our energy bill going up since my husband and I both started working at home. Will need to keep an eye on our ‘vampires’ and starting unplugging things more often.

  3. I have been working at home since the COVID-19 pandemic & my electricity bill is higher than before. I thought the excess lighting system was only the reason for this, but you pointed out several things here. I noticed that sometimes my lights are on for no reason & other electric devices are left plugged. I have learned a lot from your blog. I will follow your guidelines for my cost-saving & I hope I can minimize my bills next.

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