Ollie is riding his bike – another milestone reached!!

I have never considered myself to be a pushy parent, I think it’s important for children to find their own feet and to develop at their own pace. I didn’t constantly roll them over as babies or lift them into the walking position, I knew that they would do what what necessary in their own good time.


Each of the Beans has had their own scooter, balance bike and bicycle for a good few years now and they pick them up and put them down as the mood takes them. A few weeks ago, Ollie got a bee in his bonnet about being able to ride his bike. I don’t know if it was something which had been mentioned at school or what but he badgered me every night to get out on his bike. So I did the right thing and told him to wait until Daddy got home, apart from the time that our lovely neighbour was around and then he kindly ran around the green holding the back of Ollie’s bike until his back couldn’t take it any longer.

That night when Simon came home from work, Ollie was quick to ask him if he could help him on his bike and so he did. Simon began by pushing his bike and letting go, the first couple of times Ollie lost his balance and fell off but within 10 minutes he had it nailed and was riding a fair way before falling. We considered that to be a good attempt for the evening.

A few days later, Ollie was nagging again and on the weekend Simon took him out onto the drive with his bike and sure enough, Ollie was off. I’ve always thought that learning to ride your bike was one of the weirdest of things. Whilst you’re learning it seems impossible, quite scary even but the second that you get it right, you’re off and you don’t look back. This has done wonders for Ollie’s confidence and now he loves to get out on his bike when the sun is shining.

Now there’s just Albie to go but right now he is happy enough on his scooter so we’ll perhaps save our backs until next Summer!

How did your children learn to ride their bikes?


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