Review: Skribbies Customisable Hi-Top Sneakers

Do you have a budding little designer in your midst, someone who loves to look good and like to put their own special stamp on their look? Then Skribbies are the perfect shoe for them.

Skribbies  are currently available in a choice of three colour ways along with a pack of six brightly coloured pens, a pack of stickers and a wrist sweatband. Hand it all over to your little one and let their creativity take over. When they get bored of their design they just use the sweatband to rub it all off and start again.


Little Bean and I have been having some quality ‘girls’ time this week when the boys are having their afternoon naps so on Monday this week we set to work on her Skribbies. She was insistent that she wanted me to get stuck in too so ours was a collaborative design.

The Fun Bit

Little Bean loved drawing and sticking all over her shoes. You do need to make sure that you only draw on the shiny area (on this pair it’s the white area) because if you draw on other parts it won’t rub off as you can see from where Little Bean coloured on the pink.


The Practical Bit

You don’t want your little ones to become too attached to their designs because it is basically a dry wipe pen on a white board scenario so if you catch the shoes together when walking or rub past something the designs do rub off, the upside to that of course is that you just get your pens out and start again. It will be like a new pair of shoes every day.

Prom a parents point of view, the shoes are well made, sturdy and supportive on Little Beans ankles. She said that they feel really comfortable and loves that they are shiny, I remember nagging my mum forever to get me some patent shoes, I would have hyperventilated if Mum had bought me these!!


DISCLAIMER: We received the Skribbies for the purpose of this post. All words, opinions and images are my own and may not be copied without my permission. I was not instructed what to write.

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