Summer Holidays – Day 8 1

Summer Holidays – Day 8

Summer Holidays 2013

Yesterday afternoon I received a text out of the blue from my old friend and colleague J who I *shamefully* haven’t seen in over a year. J sat in on my first interview for my first full time job when I moved to Peterborough and I worked with her for nearly two years. We struck up a good friendship over that time and stayed in touch when I moved on. We are both Mums now and this is when our meet-ups have lessened due to differing schedules with the children. It’s a shame because we get on well and always find plenty to talk about. Finally we managed to find a short space in our diaries for a catch up and got together today at Springfields so that the children could run around the gardens, feed the fish, play in the maze and wear each other out. I love that even after a year of not seeing each other we can just drop straight back in where we left off. I think our girls could be like that too, they have always played so nicely together but we really SHOULD do it more often!

Summer Holidays 2013

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