How to Remove Wax from the Carpet without Damaging the Product?

Even though people have been using electric lighting for over a century, wax and paraffin candles are still popular. They create a warm and cosy atmosphere during a romantic dinner, decorate the birthday cake, and leave characteristic spots on any surfaces where melted wax is spilt. Before you go in search of a carpet for sale, don’t panic there are ways to fix it. If you don’t know how to remove paraffin from a carpet, our recommendations will certainly come in handy.

How to Remove Wax from the Carpet if the Stain is fresh?

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The best thing will be to take care of the carpet while the wax stain is still fresh. How should you proceed with the carpet cleaning procedure?

  • Prepare some paper towels (napkins) and cover the stain with one of them.
  • Preheat the iron to the lowest possible temperature. Be sure to turn off the steam; you need dry heat.
  • Carefully iron the area covered with a paper towel and watch the wax absorb into the paper.
  • Continue ironing and replace the towel with a new one until the wax stops saturating the paper.
  • Treat the remaining stains using rubbing alcohol or carpet stain remover (as instructed). Make sure that the product you are using will not harm your product or change its colour.

Some colours, such as red and blue, are hard to remove even with stain remover. Use a dry cleaning solvent and then blot with paper towels to remove the colour.

However, if the coloured stains are particularly stubborn, it’s better to call a professional. Experts at Carpet Cleaning Brighton explain that using stain remover repeatedly can damage your carpet, dull its colour, or burn its fibres. Therefore, it’s better to call a professional if you can’t get the stain off. 

How to Clean Wax from Natural Fibre Carpet?

Handmade carpets made from natural materials require careful handling, so we recommend contacting a professional carpet cleaning company with this problem so that specialists can select the optimal stain remover. If this is not possible, you can take the risk and follow these steps for domestic carpet cleaning:

  • If a paraffin crust is visible, then first, you need to remove it. To do this, place a piece of ice wrapped in a plastic bag on the stain, and when the stain freezes, break it with something heavy.
  • Next, you need to carefully scrape off the wax particles from the pile with a blunt metal object (table knife, teaspoon, etc.) and collect them with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Prepare a product to remove the remaining stain. To do this, you need baking soda, table vinegar, and salt. Mix the ingredients in equal proportions, apply the solution to the stain and wait until dry.
  • Professional end of tenancy cleaning service in Putney even recommends you use a thick-bristled brush to remove wax residues from the carpet.

How to Clean Wax from the Carpet to Avoid Paint Marks?

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A mixture of turpentine and ammonia can help you cope with the colouring matter. Mix them in equal proportions, moisten a sponge with this liquid, rub the stain, and then leave it on for half an hour. Alternatively, you can use acetone, kerosene or petrol. Just be sure first to test the action of these in an inconspicuous area!

Now, with this useful advice, you know how to get the wax off the carpet. If you think you cannot handle wax stains, contact a professional carpet cleaning Bromley-based company. Specialists best know how to solve different problems that can be associated with carpet maintenance. Many of them will be willing to share with you important information on how to preserve your carpet in top condition for a long period.

However, do not underestimate the importance of annual deep carpet cleaning procedures! Even if your carpet does not seem dirty, there are microscopic organisms that have found their home on your carpet. Use steam carpet cleaning services once or twice a year to disinfect and refresh your floor covering.

How to remove wax from the carpet without damaging the product

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