Remembering what’s important . . .

Exhausted . . . I have kind of burnt myself out recently, I’ve been trying to be superwoman but I’ve realised there is no such thing. I have been running backwards and forwards with my children to this and that, I’ve been sitting up until the early hours of the morning trying to keep up with the four part time jobs that I have taken on to help with the cash flow, I have been up and down to London at least once or twice each week with various events I had committed to and I’ve been pushing myself to keep up with blogging commitments I have made. Now before any of you start jumping to the conclusion that these are blogging commitments are for reviews I have agreed to do, I’d like to refer you to my recent post ‘Selling myself short’ because in that you will see that I have tried to be too nice and have committed to do posts gratis!! In between all of that I have been trying (and failing) to keep on top of household chores and the result is I’m totally exhausted and have been ill for about 6 weeks. Hubby is cross with me because he says that I should learn to say no and remember that I need to take care of myself for a change, I told him he was talking rubbish. I have always been the sort of person who wants to help everyone and hates to renege on a promise and I always see a project through to completion no matter how long it takes. I’m not a quitter by any standard!

I have finally realised that something has to give and so this week I switched my laptop off at the weekend and have only switched it on again today. This week I have enjoyed just spending time with Little Bean and Beanie Boy, we have had trips out still, we have done crafts at home, we have had together time and we have had quiet alone time, I have even managed to read a magazine! My house looks more like the palace I prefer it to be, my ironing basket is now down from three baskets to two. My Mum has given me her vacuum cleaner because mine broke and we can’t afford to replace it so my carpets look 100% better again and my washing bin isn’t quite overflowing onto the entire bathroom floor.

I have missed my blog very much but I have had time to think about what’s important and I have made a few promises to myself which I intend to keep. The most important thing to me is, and always has been, my family so they still come first, second is my health – without good health I’m a rubbish Mummy and even worse Wife and third, time is precious so I need to spend my time more wisely so here’s to a new me – wish me luck!

Have you ever reached this point with your life balance? What made you realise that you needed to make a change and how did you go about it?

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  1. I’m glad you took a break, sounds like that was the right thing to do. I’m the same as you, I say YES to everything and end up really stressed out. I have decided not to take on any more commitments for a while and ease up a bit. Easier said than done though. xx

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