image How often as parents do we sit at home and wonder if we can invent the next best thing that all parents will want to buy? Don’t you sit at home watching Dragon’s Den saying “I wish I’d thought of that”. And for my next question, how often do you spend searching the house for gloves. In our house we actually have a glove drawer because I have bought so many gloves when I can’t find a pair and then eventually they turn up!

One Mummy of three children, Donna Bright, became so fed up with glove hunting that she decided to do something about it and designed glove clips for her own children, even colour coordinating them to match their winter coats. Unsurprisingly they soon became the talk of the school playground with other parents asking if they could have some for their children.

What could be more simple, one end clips to the coat, the other end to the glove/mitten and hey presto, no more missing handwear! They look cool, so the children think they have a funky fashion accessory and everyone is happy. With over 40 designs to choose from, there is a style for everyone. To find that perfect pair for your little cherub why not check out their website –

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