The Gallery: Faces

Faces I had a few ideas about what I was going to do when Tara Cain set this theme for the Gallery, the changing faces of me, faces who are no longer in my life, faces with different expressions, my favourite faces, buildings with faces even but then yesterday when I was out with Little Bean and Beanie Boy my mind was made up. Pretty much every time I leave the house with the two of them someone will comment on how alike they are and sure enough yesterday when a lady was talking to Beanie Boy, she suddenly spotted Little Bean and said “well there’s no confusing whether they are brother and sister or not!”. From the moment that I gave birth to Beanie Boy, I said to Hubby, “I think I’ve just given birth to the same baby, he’s just the male version of Little Bean”. They don’t look like twins but they are definitely the male and female version of each other. Beanie Boy has been blessed with hair and teeth far sooner than Little Bean did, poor thing she was still bald and toothless on her 1st birthday!

A few weeks ago someone commented on how alike they were when Curly was with us and it was one of those comments that you think to yourself, did they really think that through before they said it? Looking at the tiddlers the lady said “my goodness don’t they look alike, mind you he’s nothing like the other two is he?” indicating to Curly. I jumped in and said “oh I think its just the age gap that makes it harder to tell” because I could see that Curly was hurt by this comment, no-one wants to be the odd-one out do they?

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