Protein Pancake Recipe from Kenwood

Every Wednesday is Pancake Day in our house, we don’t wait for the official Pancake Day (9th February 2016) to roll around because Pancakes are one of Little Bean’s favourite dishes and since it is a meal which I am able to sneak a few little extras into then I am more than happy for her to eat them.

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When I first began making Pancakes I used to use the Food Processor but it’s a big piece of equipment to make dirty for a relatively small mixture, now I use my Kenwood Blender and make the batter up in a sports bottle which is also perfect for pouring the batter into the pan and can easily be stored in the fridge if I make too much.

I have been using blenders for years now and I love the ‘ blend and go’ versions as they are so much more convenient and take up much less space. Ours is used every day without fail for my breakfast smoothies, Hubby makes himself a smoothie to take to work for his snack and I generally make a smoothie for Beanie Boy and Jelly Bean too. I’m hoping one day I might be able to find a recipe that even Little Bean would consider trying – that’s my goal!

Back to Pancakes though . . . with Pancake Day around the corner Kenwood have shared with me their recipe for a yummy Protein Pancake.

Protein Pancake Recipe

Kenwood has created a delicious recipe for Protein Pancakes using the Kenwood Blend-XTRACT (formerly 2GoSport) with delicious fresh yoghurt and topped with blueberries.


  • 2 eggs
  • 60g oats
  • 1 scoop flavoured protein powder
  • 250ml almond or soya milk
  • Blueberries to decorate
  • Greek yoghurt


  • Add all the ingredients to the goblet of the Kenwood Blend-XTRACT
  • Twist the blade attachment onto the goblet
  • Twist the goblet onto the base
  • Blitz the batter on the high speed setting for around 30 seconds
  • Add oil to a frying pan and turn to a medium heat
  • Pour in enough batter for one small to medium pancake at a time. Fry as normal, turning once one side is cooked, to cook evenly.
  • Once all pancakes are fried, cover with greek yoghurt and berries to serve.

Why Protein?

It’s important to have a diet that is rich in protein since every cell in your body consists of protein and uses it to build and repair damaged tissue. Protein is used in the body to make hormones, enzymes as well as other body chemicals.

A diet that is rich in protein offers the following benefits;

  • Speeds up recovery after exercise
  • Reduces muscle loss
  • Builds lean muscle
  • Curbs hunger
  • Helps to maintain a healthy weight

I have a yummy protein shake most mornings for breakfast with coconut water, banana, peanut butter, cocoa and oats increase your protein levels. Jelly Bean loves it too, which of course makes me very happy.

Do you have any great ‘protein’ recipes you would recommend?

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