Top 5 places I would love to travel to with my children

The start of 2016 has left me feeling pretty flat; if I’m honest, it just seems to have been one bad thing after another, and I’m starting to lose faith in people in general, so I’m turning my thoughts towards the future and to happier times, times of new adventures and wonder as a family of 6 travelling is never going to be ‘simple’ or cheap so we need to consider our travelling options and destinations carefully. Travelling to Menorca last year has definitely fired our enthusiasm to go a little further afield with the Beans now that we know that they were all happy with Air Travel (in fact, Jelly Bean is quite disappointed that we don’t jump on a plane every day of the week).

Even before becoming a Mum, there were places where I dreamed of showing my future family, and I still dream of doing so now that my family is complete. So in no particular order, I give you my dream destination list;

Lapland to see Santa

Lapland via Shutterstock

With the exception of Curly, the Beans are all at that magical age where they still fully believe in Santa Claus, so a trip to the North Pole would be a time for making memories to last a lifetime. Even Curly as a teenager who doesn’t believe still loves Christmas and does a great job of keeping up appearances for his younger siblings. I would love to take them on a sleigh ride in the snow and see the looks on their faces when they see the big man himself.


Northern Lights
Northern Lights via Shutterstock

I have always loved the sky, the stars, the clouds and the way it can change from one hour to the next being a keen photographer, the moment I saw images of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), it went straight onto my list of ‘must see’ places. Iceland is supposed to be one of the best places to see them and has the bonus of so many other incredible sights too. I think Little Bean will follow in my footsteps as the photographer among us, and she too loves the Northern Lights; she says they remind her of looking through a Kaleidoscope, which I think is a pretty good comparison.

Whale via Shutterstock

As well as the Northern Lights I would love to see the geysers, waterfalls and possibly even some whales and dolphins in their natural habitat. Oh yes, and did I mention the snow?! The Beans would be overjoyed to have ‘real’ snow!! Where we live seems to have its own micro-climate so everywhere around us can be covered in snow but our town and surrounding areas will get a covering of snow which only tends to last a day so it’s rubbish for building snowmen. Each year the Beans are disappointed not to have snow on Christmas Day – oh the magic of being children again. This is what I want to capture with them.

Disney World Florida

Disney via Shutterstock

I still remember watching the TV as a child, thinking that I would love to go to Disney World, and now I am a parent. I often think of the ads showing the faces of the children being told they are going to Disney World, and I wonder what my own Beans would be like if we told them. As a family, we have watched most of the Disney Movies and currently watching even more via DisneyLife. Just as seeing Santa would be magical, a trip to Disney World would be on a totally different scale of wonderment.

Sidney Australia

Sidney Australia
Sidney Australia via Shutterstock

Sidney Australia always seems to be that ‘unreachable destination’ for us; perhaps it’s the distance or the cost. I don’t know but whenever I see images of Sidney on the internet or TV, I can’t imagine not ever taking the Beans there. See the Sidney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, such iconic places. I want to show them crystal blue waters and white sands, give them the opportunity to stroke a Koala and see a full-size crocodile  (though not at too close quarters, you understand!!).

Venice and Sorrento


Venice holds a special place in my heart as the first place Hubby and I visited on our honeymoon. The Beans are so used to seeing standard towns and cities where everyone travels by car that I think they would be amazed to see somewhere with only waterways and footpaths. Following the same route as we did on our honeymoon, I would then love to take them to Sorrento to see a different side of Italy, see the blue waters and sandy beaches, visit Pompeii as we did and learn about its history before returning to a villa to cool down in the pool and enjoying some relaxing family fun.


There are many more places that I would love to experience with the Beans; this is just the tip of the iceberg that I am sharing with you today.

If you could travel anywhere with your children, where would you go?

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