Project 366 – Week 14 2016

Oopsy I seem to have got a little behind in my #Project366 photographs, I just knew this would happen so I going to give you a very quick update to get me back up to speed again.

  1. Sunday was a chilled day at home doing nothing very much. Later in the day we decided to take the Beans to the park to stretch their legs and allow them the chance to let off some steam.


2. On Monday, Little Bean was to have her first sleepover at a friend’s house for their birthday. It was to be a real treat as they were going to the cinema and then out for tea before returning to her friends. They had an absolute blast and didn’t end up going to sleep until about 10pm. The boys and I decided to build them a den in their bedroom so they felt like they were having a sleepover too and then we had fun messing about with sweets. These ‘false teeth’ sweets were lots of fun.

3. Little Bean had been sent a fab new doll called McKeyla McAlister from the Project Mc2 range. McKeyla came with a Lava Lamp science project so Little Bean set to with her own little science project and had a blast. Who says science is just for boys?


4. We popped out for a coffee and this cheeky little monkey was in a very humorous mood, he was Mr Entertainment from the moment we arrived until the moment we left!

5. Thursday was a day for adventure. We had arranged to meet Karin, Ella and Sam early at their house but I hadn’t told the Beans where we were going. Rather than head out for the day in our van like we usually do we decided it would be more fun to head into Peterborough on the bus. Our destination was the Cathedral for a fun Easter Trail, it was a fab day with much fun had by everyone.


6. Ok so we don’t dress up like this every day!! We had been sent a fun box of goodies from MoneySuperMarket.com as part of their #EpicDanceOff campaign. We each had to decide which team we were on by dress up as either Bryan, Colin or Dave. The Beans thought this was lots of fun!!#


7. On Saturday our day started really early with a trip to the train station, London bound for a day of fun with Playmobil and the London Fire Brigade at Soho Fire Station to celebrate 150 years of the London Fire Brigade. We all loved it and didn’t want to leave, Beanie Boy in particular loved getting to dress up as a Fireman.


  • Leslie Rickerby

    November 7 at 2:09 pm

    I did a project 365 for Dexters first year and I’ve never managed it since lol. Love this, I might give it a go next year.

    1. IamMummyMatters

      November 7 at 2:31 pm

      I tried doing this so many times and I don’t think I ever made it fully through the year, I’m just so forgetful :-/

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