Preparing for Nursing School: 6 Super Helpful Tips

Choosing to continue your education is a big decision that requires a lot of commitment, and as we all know, to be prepared is half the victory. Applying to nursing schools is no different – it requires some serious effort and dedication to succeed despite the nursing school’s rigorous nature and the nursing career itself.

It’s no easy feat – it shouldn’t be – but if you manage to adjust to the competitive environment and endure the lengthy clinical shifts and challenging classes, you can consider yourself prepared for your future career as a registered nurse. Until then, here are six super helpful tips to help you begin preparations for nursing school and ensure that you’re off to a great start.

Get everything you need for your classes

Preparing for Nursing School: 6 Super Helpful Tips

First things first, you want to make sure you have everything ready before your classes start. Whether you are a high schooler looking to become a registered nurse or a back-to-school nursing student, preparing for the first day at a nursing school means getting your hands on everything from scrubs and stethoscopes to nursing shoes and a variety of clinical supplies.

Besides these nurse-specific items, you’ll also need plenty of pens, pencils, sticky notes, notebooks, and highlighters. Do your shopping beforehand so you can start your academic year well-prepared and sans stress.

Immerse yourself into the nursing community

Preparing for nursing school

Classes can be very informative and engaging, but sometimes you’ll end up having questions and not being able to get answers. This is why you want to immerse yourself into the nursing community right from the start. There are various great nursing blogs and forums that you can follow and get your questions answered by nurses who have been there and done that. You can also get an idea of what working as an actual nurse looks like.

Publications can be another great source of information, and reading them regularly will also ensure you’re up to date with current trends in the field of nursing, especially in situations such as the one we’re facing right now due to a global health crisis caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

Develop a support network

Preparing for nursing school

Every task seems more challenging and overwhelming when you’re on your own. Nursing school can be overwhelming at times, and in those moments, it pays to have someone to rely on for support.

Whether it’s a study buddy or a person who can watch your kids when you have to attend your classes, developing a support network makes daily tasks more bearable and takes a lot of stress out of the equation.

Make sure your notes are detailed

Preparing for nursing school

Your classes may be a lot to take in, especially during the first couple of days in nursing school. You will be taking notes constantly, and you want to make sure they’re as detailed as they can get.

Important information such as the topics covered on the test is definitely something you don’t want to miss, so keep your ears open and your pencil ready.

Use different learning methods

Preparing for nursing school

Everyone acquires new information in different ways, and you want to make sure that you’re learning in a way that is the most effective for you personally. Make it a habit to study every day, so you don’t get behind, and make sure that you understand your learning style.

That being said, try to mix up your learning methods from time to time. Whether it means drawing pictures or making flashcards, relying on different learning methods will challenge your brain to look at concepts from a different perspective and allow you to test your knowledge.

Set a schedule

Preparing for nursing school

After you get an idea of how your days will look like once you start nursing school, it’s time to create a schedule for yourself. Create a master calendar that includes everything from classes to clinicals to exams and assignment due dates.

All work and no play can get overwhelming, so remember to make room for some ‘me’ time and give yourself a chance to destress and refresh.

Wrapping up

Preparing for nursing school

Nursing is a noble profession, and serving people can be incredibly rewarding. However, the process of becoming a nurse can be stressful and overwhelming as it requires a lot of time, energy, and dedication to succeed.

Nevertheless, if you feel like nursing is your calling, you should not let the challenges interfere with your decision to help other people. Answer the call, give back every day, and feel proud of yourself at the end of each shift. You can literally make a difference between life and death, so start preparing for your future career as a Registered Nurse today to ensure a better tomorrow.

Preparing for Nursing School: 6 Super Helpful Tips 1

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