Tips & tricks on how to destress and pamper yourself

There is so much confusion in the world today. With the coronavirus raging there is health and job uncertainty everywhere and the future is cloudy for many of us. When times like these occur, it is easy for us to lose sight of what we once were so certain about. And when our general well-being comes into question it invariably leads to stress.

Tips & tricks on how to destress and pamper yourself
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If you live in Sydney, you are certainly experiencing these things first hand and with this being our current reality we need to be concerned about the damage caused by too much stress. Having too much pressure on us can cause all sorts of health problems. With this in mind, we need to implement certain things in our daily lives that help us to destress. 

Here are a few of the proven ways to relieve stress that you should consider adding to your day. 

Have a Beauty Day at a Top Salon

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The great thing about going to a top beauty salon like Beauty on Park Street in Sydney is that you are totally pampered while you are there. Whether you are there to have your nails, eyebrows or waxing done, or if you go for a facial or spray tan, they make you feel like a queen. It is the perfect place to go even in the middle of your day to take some time to relax. 

You might have forgotten how good you feel while you are there and when you leave, but as soon as you step in the place, the pleasant memories will come flooding back to you and you will de-stress. So do it today and do it often. 

Steal a Few “Me Time” Minutes Throughout Your Day

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There is no doubt that with everything going on right now, our days are stressful. With kids being at home more, trying to work from home and having to do all of the normal home chores, you can easily get overwhelmed. One really good thing to include throughout your day is to take a few minutes for some “me time”. This could be ten minutes you take every two hours to simply do nothing important. Perhaps you listen to some music, play a video game, and make a call to a friend to talk about sports or take a short nap.

Whatever you choose, it should not add to your stress. So no news programs or social media conversations about politics during these short breaks. They will serve to help you unwind and give you a chance to recharge before you have to get back into the fray. 

Take Yoga Classes

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One of the wonderful things about Yoga is that it is designed to tone the body and free the mind. The poses in yoga have been handed down for thousands of years and the reason the discipline remains so popular is because of the benefits it provides. It will allow you to relax and let go of your problems by getting you to focus on your body and breathing. You can find many great free yoga classes online that you can do in the privacy of your home any time of the day that you are free. Make this a daily part of your day and you will feel and look better too.

Two more quick thoughts. Limit your time on social media because it can be stress-inducing, go for a walk instead.  Also, remember that bad times never last for long, You will get through this.

ips and tricks on how to destress and pamper yourself

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