How to Plan a Wedding if you’re Getting Married Straight after COVID-19

Getting married is perhaps one of the most admired milestones in life. A wedding is the D-day that crowns couples as married. Couples take weeks or even months to plan a wedding, just to ensure that everything flows smoothly. While in many cases it does go as planned, some natural circumstances may hinder the wedding from taking place. One such natural eventuality is the current coronavirus pandemic, scientifically known as COVID-19.

Plan a wedding

The coronavirus pandemic has taken the world by a storm and has led to several unexpected lifestyle changes. It is no longer reasonable to gather in one place, for instance. Governments have enforced different measures in a bid to combat the pandemic. One step that has drastically affected weddings is the social distancing rule, which in turn bans large social gatherings. In this effect, any social groups, including weddings, have been brought to a standstill.

Couples that had planned to wed have now been forced to either reschedule their events or have them, but with limited numbers of guests. In fact, the only wedding ceremonies that seem to work court-based, which only involves the couples and maybe witnesses. Nonetheless, if you had planned, or you plan to get married, then the best thing to do would be to wait until this coronavirus pandemic is over. Meanwhile, here are a few tips that might come in handy while you wait for your special day after the COVID-19 nightmare:

Don’t cancel on orders and services, just hold

Plan a wedding

Apparently, many couples, probably out of panic, are opting to cancel their orders and services for their weddings. This panic is perhaps a result of the current uncertainty on how long this pandemic might last. Most are getting sceptical about the need to have the orders still on when nobody seems to know when exactly this coronavirus scare might end.

However, according to pundits in the wedding sector, cancellation is not the right move to make. Instead, consider holding the reservations until when the pandemic is over. Everyone, even those in the wedding planning industry, understands that weddings are no longer supposed to take place. Therefore, they will understand and probably hold on until everything normalizes.

Some of the people you hired can also wait till the pandemic ends, even if you already made the deposit. As long as you made the reservation, they can get on board once the pandemic is over. It is imperative not to cancel services and orders, as they are more likely to be in huge demand immediately after the pandemic. In essence, it would even be best to book different services as early as now. Such may include the wedding photographer and catering services.

Start budgeting early

Wedding budget

Another integral step in planning a successful wedding is setting the budget early enough. It doesn’t matter that the world is currently going through shaky times. Proper planning is still vital for a wedding. You cannot wait till the coronavirus pandemic is over to commence planning. Start now, as this will help you be ready immediately the epidemic is over.

Some of the things to include in the budget are the event or catering services, photography, and the wedding ring, among many others. For the wedding ring, depending on your preference, you can check out online vendors for prices. Ladies mostly prefer pink diamonds on their wedding rings, which you can check the pricing and probably secure with a deposit. Generally, your choice equally lies in how much money you are willing to spend. Don’t strain too much.

Remain positive

Wedding Planning

Your mindset as a couple matters a lot. When the coronavirus pandemic affects your mind, it might become difficult to gather your thinking towards planning the wedding. When you start worrying too much about how the future will end up, or whether the COVID-19 outbreak is a communication from nature to call off the wedding, you engage self-defeat. This can easily lead to you failing to plan the wedding accordingly, and can even lead to the cancellation altogether. Superstitious thinking on COVID-19 and the wedding, according to experts, lead to the cancellation of an indefinite suspension of many weddings.

For sure, you may not have the capacity to change what is happening. Nevertheless, you can tune your mind to be decisive during, and even after the coronavirus pandemic.

Start writing your vows

Wedding Vows

Since the coronavirus pandemic has given all of us plenty of free time, now would be the best chance you have to craft the ideal vows for the wedding. It doesn’t have to be your wordings, as you can use an existing template to create the vows. Whoever is most creative between the two of you can lead this step. You can even start practising the vows early so that on the big day, you only read them aloud for the masses.

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