How to plan a romantic trip after the kids have left home

Planning a trip for the entire family will have to incorporate the views and opinions of quite a few people. After the kids are out on their own, parents can finally travel with only their interests in mind. You can easily plan a romantic trip that you could have been delaying for over a decade. Being able to afford luxury accommodations is another perk as flying first class with an entire family can account for a large amount of money.

The first step should be to list all the locations that both of you want to visit. You might find that there is a common location or country that you both have always wanted to explore. Below are tips to plan a romantic trip after your children have left home. 

Airbnb a Luxury Property/Penthouse


Airbnb can be a perfect opportunity to find a luxury property that you can truly enjoy in the middle of the city centre. Airbnb offers a much more versatile stay if you are considering staying in a location for a few weeks. You might not want to go out for every meal and want to cook with ingredients that are fresh in your location. Airbnb properties could come with access to a gym, or you can have a private pool. Hotels are not always going to be affordable, especially in popular places in cities. 

Airbnb hosts do differ immensely with many just leaving keys in a lockbox, so there is little to no contact with those renting the property. Take a look at the reviews for the accommodations, as a location dubbed a quiet retreat could be quite noisy during some points of the year. Vacation rentals are also available in locations that have a high number of tourists visiting annually. 

If you plan on visiting the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana is a popular destination with many resorts. From the Dominican Republic Nickelodeon Resort to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, you can enjoy an all-inclusive stay that allows you to relax and take in the sights. Whether you want to explore the local market or lounge around on the beach, there is something for everyone when visiting this popular destination.

Budget Goes Much Further in Some Locations Than Others 


The budget is going to be something to consider as certain locations around the world are much more affordable than others. Picking a destination that you love that has a reasonable cost of living could end up being your retirement location. Plenty of ex-pats flock to areas around the world where they can live a life of luxury and still save more money than living in the US. 

Thailand is quite popular as it has a great culture, a reasonable cost of living, and a healthy community of ex-pats. Couples who work remotely can make this move at any time now that the kids are out of the house. 

Target Restaurants with the Highest Ratings in the City 

Romantic Meal

Going abroad and trying new foods can be an adventure in itself depending on the location that is selected for the trip. Finding restaurants near your accommodations within walking distance is an option. Being able to map out where you will eat for lunch or dinner each day can provide structure to your trip. Looking forward to a top-rated restaurant in a foodie capital of the world like Paris will be worth the wait. 

Book Activities Every Other Day 

How to plan a romantic trip after the kids have left home

Booking activities every single day can be nothing short of exhausting especially when you want to use the trip to rejuvenate. Finding attractions that are close enough to drive to or take public transportation is key. Driving in certain cities can be tough as drivers could be aggressive or there are certain laws of the road in different areas.

Accidents can happen when travelling, and there is a possibility you could be injured. Finding a top law firm in the area like that of The Barnes Firm needs to be done whether you need a car accident lawyer or Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyers. The legal representation can keep you informed from a distance and could end up winning you a healthy settlement. 

Compromise Can Create the Perfect Trip 


Being able to compromise on activities to do with both parties being appeased can make for the perfect trip. After children move out of the home, there are couples that haven’t spent extended periods together. Continuing to work on your relationship even if it has been healthy for multiple decades is essential. There are going to be activities that both of you enjoy which is something to keep in mind.

A trip to Europe can include great food, history, and culture all over the course of a few hours.  Start to work on your relationship once the kids are off at college or are starting families of their own. This is a new chapter in life that you should start out in a positive manner. We all love our children but when they move out it is time to fill our schedules with other activities. Plan a trip that not only is a blast but brings you together as a couple.

Follow these tips to plan a romantic trip after your children have left home starting with a list of all the locations that both of you want to visit.

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