Which flooring is best for a kitchen/dining room?

The Mummy Matters household has been a bit of a tip for the last few weeks as we have had the builders in. We made the decision a few months ago that the original layout of our 4 year old house just wasn’t working for our growing family. The dining room felt cramped and so did the kitchen. Up until recently we have lived with a four seater glass table in the kitchen where the Beans would eat and a dining room which served as an office for me during the day and other than that would only be used as a dining room on ‘special’ occasions such as birthdays, Christmas and the very rare dinner party.

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When we decided to have a Feng Shui Consultant come to work with me on improving our house, I told her that we had two or three ‘big’ jobs that we would like to do, knocking the wall about between the kitchen and dining room being one of them. Straight away she said that the kitchen/dining room would be most beneficial to us and so we called in some quotes and booked the builder in for June. As the date approached we became very nervous wondering if we were making the right decision but then the time was finally upon us, Andrew Crowson our builder did an amazing job AND he cleaned up really well after himself which placed a big tick in my book.

Whilst we were away sunning ourselves in Menorca my Mum very kindly did all of the painting for us and then on our return our lovely neighbour who is a Plasterer by trade came and did the coving for us. We are so lucky to have such great support around us. All that’s left to do now is the flooring throughout the kitchen/dining room and utility room. We want to replace the tiles in our kitchen as we don’t like them anymore but we are trying to make the decision between Wood Flooring or large Ceramic Tiles. I always like the idea of Engineering Wood Flooring because I like the ‘natural’ look, I’m an earthy girl and we have a lot of wood around the home but Hubby likes all things ‘shiny’ and wants Ceramic Floor Tiles. My worry is that ceramic floor tiles might chip and scratch, plus they will feel cold under foot. Engineered Wood is designed to be tough and durable, which in a family home with four children is something you definitely need!!

Home Improvement

After having the wall knocked out and a little work in the garden, the pennies are on the low side at the moment so it’s time to get saved up before we make a final decision but any advice on either would be gratefully received? What flooring do you have in your home? How did you come to your decision and was it the right one for your family home?

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  1. We have had exactly the same discussion in our house in the past! I would go tiles every time! Engineered wood is lovely but it is still a natural product. Every time the kids knock a piece of cutlery or a toy or something on the floor it will dent and mark…. how long before it goes from looking natural to looking ruined?! If you go for porcelain tiles rather than just ceramic they are harder wearing and coloured all the way through rather than just the top so if you did manage to chip one it wouldn’t show! Good Luck!

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