Our master bathroom makeover with Valspar Paint Club

Our master bathroom sits at the bath of our ‘L’ shaped house and is the only room which only gets the sunshine early in the morning, for the rest of the day it is in the shade. I used to love the blue colours we had previously painted our bathroom with because I felt it was fresh but it still felt dark all the time, it was time for a change.

Valspar Paint Club

Valspar Paint Club

Then I remembered the Valspar Paint Club on Facebook and decided to give it whirl. I applied to update our master bathroom and was delighted when we were chosen. We received vouchers for 2 x 2.5l of tinted Valspar Kitchen & Bathroom Paints, 1 x 2.5l tin of tintable primer and a £50 B&Q Gift Card to purchase painting equipment.

Valspar Paint Club

Choosing a colour

There are so many colours to choose from in the Valspar paint range so making a quick decision was not going to be easy. We knew that we wanted a yellow bathroom so that it would feel warm like sunshine so that narrowed our choice down a little bit. Then once in our local B&Q Superstore we used their lightboxes to narrow down our choices some more. Eventually we had reduced our options to 5 yellow paints and took the colour swatch cards home so that we could try them on the walls and against the bathroom flooring. Our final decision was a paint called Oopsie Daisy.

Valspar Paint Club

Mix it up

We look our colour card to the paint specialist who mixed up the paints for us and advised as to whether we would need a primer or not. If the paint was to cover a light colour then she said it wouldn’t need a primer but since one of our walls was a deep blue she recommended we use a light primer to lift the colour a little.

Valspar Paint Club

Painting the sunshine

Whilst Hubby set to work on revamping the bathroom I took the Beans out of the way to help him avoid over-enthusiastic helpers.

Hubby said the primer went on very easily and provided good coverage for the deep blue but the yellow took a couple of coats before he achieved the colour he was expecting. That said, Hubby paints very lightly whereas I tend to be much heavier handed with a roller so this could just be down to personal painting styles.

We had seen a few comments online of people complaining that the paint had a pungent smell. We did notice that it had a strong smell whilst it was wet but the smell disappeared completely once it had dried and we haven’t noticed it since.

Valspar Paint Club

Finished results

By the time Hubby had finished we still had nearly half a pot of paint left so we will have plenty for touch-ups over time. The finished result is very impressive and we love it. Our main reason for choosing yellow was because the bathroom always felt dull with the lack of light. Since painting the bathroom, we regularly grumble at the kids for leaving the lights on only to realise that it’s actually just the reflection of the walls that we can see.

We finished off the bathroom with bright striped towels which we purchased from Ikea, they provide a great splash of colour. I’m still on the lookout for something to add colour to the window. I have seen a few things but nothing which makes me say “that’s it”. Our ‘something perfect’ will show it’s face when we least expect it.


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