Lillie checks out NEW Lol Surprise Pearl Surprise

Last weekend Lillie was the lucky recipient of the NEW Lol Surprise Pearl Surprise and couldn’t wait to get stuck in to find out what surprises were hidden within the giant glittery green carry case.

Lol Dolls Pearl Surprise

What are LOL Surprise Dolls?

Lol Surprise Dolls have been around for a while now and have definitely captured the hearts of little girls like Lillie all around the world. The first dolls were wrapped balls which contained new surprises you peeled away each layer of wrapping. Now there are lots of different sizes and ranges available from Glitter to Confetti, Lil Sister or Pets and now the amazing Pearl Surprise. The collectable dolls each feature a special action such as crying, peeing or changing colour. There are currently over 45 dolls to collect.

First Impressions

When Lillie first saw the Pearl Surprise she was amazed at just how big it was, I must admit it was a lot bigger than I was expecting too. The case has a carry handle and can be resealed making it the perfect carry case for storing all your favourite Lol Surprise Dolls and accessories so you can play wherever you go.


I have noticed that Lillie often struggles with getting the wrapping off, she does bite her nails so doesn’t really have a lot to pick at the wrapping with which means she will often reach for a pair of scissors. Obviously, at 9 years old, she knows how to be sensible but younger children might need parental assistance. Once the first layer is taken off the Pearl, you’ll need strong scissors to cut the cable ties holding the case closed.

Take a look inside

Lol Surprise Pearl Surprise

Once inside you will find a top tray with 6 coloured ‘pearls’, inside each coloured pearl you will find an accessory for the Lol Surprise Dolls. In the Pearl Surprise Lillie found two swimming costumes and two pairs of shoes for the big sister doll.

Underneath you will find a large shell-shaped fizz bomb. Lillie keeps calling it a ‘bath bomb’ though it is not intended for bathtub use. The idea is that you fill the green carry case to the fill line with water and then pop in the fizz shell to dissolve and reveal the coloured shell display stand hidden within.

Who’s in the seashell?

Lol Surprise Pearl Surprise

Once the seashell has been revealed, you open it up to find three blind bags, one contains the dolls drinks bottle, one contains the exclusive Tot doll and the other contains the surprise Lil Sister. The Tot can be dressed in either of the two mixes and match swimsuits and shoes and together they can proudly be shown off in their seashell display stand.

Special Action

Lillie received the dolls Treasure and Little Treasure who both have beautiful pearly pink hair which shows off their teal/pink swimsuits perfectly. Lillie found that Treasure is a ‘spitter’ who didn’t colour change (though the instructions said she did) and Little Treasure’s pacifier changed colour and her pants revealed an anchor print on the bottom when placed in water.

Where to buy?

Lol Surprise Pearl Surprise can be bought in all good major toy stores such as Smyths, The Entertainer, Asda, Tesco and Argos.

RRP £29.99



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