The Parent Trap: How to save for a Family Cruise

For years, economists have talked about the the great wealth divide in the UK. In the wake of the great recession, it was even estimated that the richest 10% of the UK population were more than 100 times as wealthy as the poorest 10% of society.

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While circumstances have improved slightly since then, the UK is still besieged by stagnant earnings and the rising cost of living. With this in mind, families can find it hard to save for holidays abroad and popular travelling options such as cruising, creating significant challenges that are difficult to overcome.

3 Ways in which you can save for a Family Cruise

To negate these issues, you will need to invest in practical and proactive ways of saving your money and making it go further. For example: –

Save money on everyday expenditure

Whenever you look to save, there is a tendency to focus on the elimination of big ticket items. Not only is this counter-productive, but it also becomes completely impractical when you are actually saving for a big ticket purchase such as a cruise.

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Instead, focus your efforts on reducing the cost of everyday expenses such as groceries, fuel and utilities. This will have a gradual but cumulative impact on your savings, enabling you to retain more cash and make long-term changes to your lifestyle.

Seek out Last-minute deals to Affordable locations

If there are two watchwords that will enable you to save when booking a family holiday, they are flexibility and compromise. The former will enable you to shop around and patiently identify the most affordable, last-minute deals.

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In terms of compromise, this refers to your chosen location and the precise time that you decide to travel. Cruises to regions in Europe tend to be cheaper, for example, while trip outside of the school holidays are also more affordable so long as they can be arranged.

Embrace the Thrift Market

Having originated in the U.S, the thrift market has expanded across the globe and now represents huge business in the UK. Sites such as Ebay and Amazon (alongside specialist thrift outlets) now offer us a unique opportunity to market, sell and monetise our unwanted goods, delivering additional income that can be committed to savings.

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Just bear in mind that patience is crucial in this market, as is your ability to present your goods in the best possible light. These attributes can set you up well, however, and make it possible to develop a brand new income stream to fund your summer holiday plans!

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18 thoughts on “The Parent Trap: How to save for a Family Cruise”

  1. I really need to have a clear out and this post has made me think I need to do it for some spending money! We are going on a cruise in the summer for the blog and need some spending money. Great tips x

  2. Some helpful tips, problem is with 4 children, I am already pretty savvy at picking out bargains and cost cutting, just to get through the week.
    I love the idea of a cruise, but not with my children, for I have a fear of children and water.
    I hope one day when my brood have grown up and old enough to fend for themselves, then I will get the chance to experience a cruise, it gives me plenty of time to try to save, if everything else doesn’t crop up in the meantime.
    This year we will be doing day trips and maybe go camping, but in a few years who knows.
    Great tips, thank you for sharing.

  3. We are off on a cruise this year and it is also worth pointing out that there are a lot of added extras when you are onboard

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