My Mother’s Day 2014

Personally, I thought it was a bit of a cheek for BST to change right on Mother’s Day this year as I was cheated from an extra hour in bed, BUT if there is one great way to be woken up on Mother’s Day, it is by being squashed by your children diving on you for cuddles! That’s how my Mother’s Day started with Curly, Little Bean and Beanie Boy all shouting “Happy Mother’s Day” at the top of their voices, and then each giving me a kiss and a snuggle before telling me “, we have been helping Daddy to cook you breakfast” yuuuuuuummy, I was out of bed like a shot!

My Mother's Day 2014

As I came down the stairs, I was greeted at the bottom by a very smiley (and ever-so-slightly snotty) Jelly Bean, who had his arms open wide for me shouting “hi-ya” at the top of his voice. I picked him up and narrowly avoided a snot-streak across my face before I was ushered into the lounge where the bigger beans were all waiting eagerly to shower me with gifts.

I was thoroughly spoilt with some beautiful gifts, each being something they had chosen themselves, which related to their relationship with me. (I am missing the Pharrell Williams CD from this picture as it is already in my car stereo). I also received various presents that the children had taken the time to make for me themselves, which of course are extra special gifts.

Mothers Day

Little Bean gave me a card she had made at school and a flower she had made the day before with me at Dabble Day (more about that one in a different post). Beanie Boy gave me a card, a picture, a necklace and a foam flower handprint which he had made at preschool and then finally a Hama Beads jewellery dish which he had made at home with Daddy.

Mothers Day

My intentions for the afternoon had been to enjoy a quiet picnic out with my Mum at Rutland Water whilst Daddy took the children to see his Mum (Curly was returning home to spend the day with his Mum) because, in previous years, I have felt stressed out by the end of the day looking after the three little ones as it is what I do every day so for this year’s Mother’s Day I requested the afternoon ‘off’. Little Bean, however, had other ideas and managed to blackmail Mummy into her hijacking Mummy and Nanna’s day in favour of a ‘girlie’ picnic at Rutland Water.

Mothers Day

The sun was shining, and Little Bean was ‘reasonably’ well behaved for the afternoon. Daddy had prepared a lovely picnic hamper for the three of us, and we even managed icecream. By the time I got home, I was beyond shattered and then remembered my Lego Duplo post, which needed publishing by 9 am on Monday, so it was a very late night for me, but still, I had really enjoyed my Mother’s Day. I missed my boys and couldn’t wait to give them a big snuggle and kisses when they came home. We even managed to curl up on the sofa and watch Home Alone before bedtime.

Mothers Day

How was your Mother’s Day?

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  1. I would like to say Thankyou for a wonderful Mother’s Day with you and Little Bean. The picnic at Rutland Water was everything I could have hoped for on this special day – it was delicious and even topped off with a nice glass of wine and to spend it with my two favourite girls was the icing on the cake. I too received beautiful gifts from Sabina and the tots and was thoroughly spoiled so I would like to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH to you all xxx

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