Jelly Bean loves Little Dish

Little DishI knew I would be repaid eventually for my trials and tribulations as the parent of a fussy eater like Little Bean. Beanie Boy was a huge improvement on Little Bean when it came to weaning by at least attempting new foods even if he didn’t like them and now that we have weaning well and truly under our belt with Jelly Bean I feel like I can almost breathe a sigh of relief. I no longer hide under the table when offers to review ‘new foods’ land in my inbox because I fear the food being yet another to add to the ever-growing list of foods which Little Bean doesn’t like/won’t try. Now I can say “ooh yes please” and that’s exactly what I did when Little Dish got in touch.

Little Dish know that it isn’t always easy to make healthy, nutritious meals for your little ones every single day so they do the hard work for us and make yummy wholesome foods which contain 100% natural ingredients and have been taste-tested by a team of small but willing helpers. Little Dish have been around since 2006 when Hilary and her business partner John realised that there was a gap in the market for healthy meals for toddlers and children on the supermarket shelves. Hilary was expecting her first child so she knew how important this would be for other mothers out there. Together they sourced the best suppliers so that parents can be happy that they are feeding their children healthy food. All of the beef and chicken is free from antibiotics and growth hormones, the animals are raised on select British farms where they have been well cared for and all the vegetables have been tested for pesticides.

Jelly Bean’s favourite meal by far was the fish dish of Fish Pie with Salmon and Pollack, he demolished the lot within minutes and preparation couldn’t have been easier; we just popped it into the microwave to heat it up and voila, dinner was served!

Other favourites were definitely the Chicken and Veg Risotto and the Pasta with Herby Bolognese, although at the time Jelly Bean was cutting three teeth so his appetite was a little off. Nevertheless he ate half a portion at a time (we only heated up half a portion at a time, which meant the other portion could be kept in the fridge for the next night). Testament to how pleased we were with the Little Dish meals is that I have since been out and bought other meals from the range and they are still keeping my little man filled up and happy.

Just in case you haven’t spotted Little Dish at your local Supermarket, don’t look in the baby aisle because you won’t find it there. You need to be looking in the chiller cabinets.

DISCLAIMER: We were sent the above pictured meals free of charge for Jelly Bean to try out, he loved them, so did we! All words, opinions and images are my own and may not be copied without my permission.


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