Mattress Matters: What to Avoid When Shopping for a Sleep Surface

You’ll spend roughly one-third of your life sleeping. A quality mattress matters. When buying a mattress, knowing what to avoid and what to pay greater attention to is vital. Here’s what you need to know and what you can forget.

You Don’t Need to Know the Science of What’s Inside


Three major types of mattresses please sleepers. Beds are filled with foam, springs, air, or a mixture of two or more. According to Consumer Reports, no prevailing factor differentiates one from the other, though those with joint pain favoured memory foam. Rather than take great care about what’s inside the mattress, take the time to rest on it for a minute or two.

Buying a mattress is an important decision. You should know what to look for to make sure that you are buying the highest quality mattress to give you the best quality sleep.

A coil-sprung mattress is crucial for a good night’s sleep. It provides the best support and it can also help with back pain or spinal alignment problems. Memory foam mattresses are a popular choice because they provide pressure relief and they are also great for people who suffer from allergies and asthma.

Consider Checking-In

A longitudinal study of sleepers showed very few changed their mind about a night’s sleep after the first. While it’s practical to try a mattress in the store, you could inquire about the types of mattresses present in hotel rooms. Get a hotel room for the night and sleep on the mattress in question. That way, you’ll have great real-time data as to whether it’s the mattress for you.

The Number of Springs Don’t Matter


Some manufacturers tempt buyers with the number of coils inside. What a coil is made of, however, as well as how it responds to weight is more important. Therefore, quality trumps quantity when it comes to the number of springs or coils. A mattress with half as many coils could be twice as comfortable. Additionally, more springs assembled in the lumbar region won’t necessarily make a person sleep better.

Don’t Be Fooled By Foam

Some manufacturers draw attention to the layers of foam, especially if fitted atop of coils. But foam that is too thin won’t make much of a difference. The mere presence of foam won’t make a bed more comfortable or coils less of a nuisance over time. The pure thickness of the foam in combination with the denseness of the material (how well it responds to weight) is what matters most.

Mattresses Aren’t Responsible for a Cooler Sleep


Some mattresses are celebrated as providing a cooler sleep due to gel pockets. The gel pockets are more of a gimmick than a practical way to keep cooler. It’s much more practical to manipulate the temperature in the bedroom as well as have options regarding the thickness of blankets. A mattress has little to do with coolness, though the material of one’s mattress top as well as sheets matters more in this case.

Remember the Sales Price

Be mindful of competitive prices associated with high-end models. Also, pay attention to sales prices attached to desired mattresses. Particular retailers may provide you with the sales price if it’s mentioned. Otherwise, you may pay a lot more than someone who attempted to negotiate. It’s not a surefire way to save, but knowing prices will make you a smarter buyer and better able to spot a ripoff.

Read Reviews for Customer Service

Try to steer clear of the opinions of others when it comes to a mattress. Unless it’s your spouse or a person who will be sleeping on it too, opinions about mattresses are not highly valuable. You could, however, read online reviews and mattress guides of others to get a sense of the provided customer service of a given manufacturer or vendor. Rather than specific products, what do others say about attentiveness, adhering to warranties, etc? Read complaints about Saatva and other manufacturers.

Don’t Be Seduced By Brand Names

You shouldn’t have to pay hundreds more due to the name attached to the mattress. Also, don’t dismiss the notion that a quality bed could be made by a range of independent manufacturers. An unheard name should not signal purchase anxiety. The quality of the mattress components as well as the integrity and reputation of the provider matter most.

Ask About Delivery Charges

Some independent suppliers slam buyers with delivery charges. Most need to accept the charge for they have no other way of getting the mattress to their home. In some cases, if the mattress is not in the store, you could be charged for the labour and transportation involved to get it to the store in addition to your home. There are alternatives to paying a delivery charge. See if you can rent a truck or gain the aid of a friend with a pickup. You could save a lot by getting the mattress from the warehouse and transporting it yourself.

Author Bio: Nestor King is a consumer advocate who loves to find good values at a good price. When he finds them, he enjoys sharing them on family and home websites.

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