5 Best Caravan Holiday Destinations In UK

Travelling is an excellent way to learn about places, people, and cultures. Mainly road trips are a favourite form of travelling for many outdoor enthusiasts. It gives a sense of freedom to be on the move without worrying about regulations and deadlines. Nothing beats the experience of driving around and camping in the wild, be it an SUV or a caravan. Britain is one such place suitable for camping and caravanning. Brits love caravanning. The presence of picturesque valleys, lush greenery, and scenic water bodies may be the reason why caravanning and camping in the UK are so famous. There are several camping sites across the UK fit for all types of travellers, be it families, friends, and couples, to spend quality time together.

If you’re planning to visit the UK and explore the wilderness, here are the five best caravan holiday destinations in the United Kingdom.

1.  Newquay, Cornwall

5 Best Caravan Holiday Destinations In UK
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Here’s the first famous camping destination in the UK. Cornwall is an excellent camping destination. If you’re travelling with family, you can rest assured about the kid’s entertainment since the place has several amusement parks, sanctuaries, and natural reserves. Newquay is one of the renowned spots in Cornwall because of its exotic beach. Hendra Holiday Park is a famous park with the best slides, indoor swimming pools, and segways rides. Walks through the countryside of Cornwall will leave you mesmerizing. The best part about camping in Cornwall is that you can drive your caravan or hire a Static caravan UK to stay. Since the place is renowned, many companies offer excellent static caravans for rent, in the campsites of Cornwall and other famous destinations.

2.  Sandringham, Norfolk

Sandringham, Norfolk

Norfolk is another excellent destination for caravanning and chilling with the family, especially when considering caravan holidays near the beautiful East Anglia coast. This non-metropolitan county beholds splendid scenic beauty, encompassing the best of beaches, seaside resorts, and the famous Norfolk Broads. History buffs will find themselves enamoured with the exceptional museums available for day visits, while evenings can be spent indulging in bird watching during the sunsets. Norfolk offers the best bird-watching experience in the entire UK.

The county is not only a haven for nature lovers but also a paradise for caravan enthusiasts. With no shortage of caravanning and camping sites, it’s the perfect spot to lay down in the beautiful countryside fields of Norfolk, gazing at the skies that have inspired many renowned poets and artists. The culinary experience in Norfolk is unbeatable as well, with local flavours that will tantalize your taste buds.

Moreover, Sandringham is a famous spot to relax, cherished even by the Royal Family. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful retreat or an adventurous exploration, Norfolk, a jewel in the crown of the East Anglia coast, has something for everyone.

3.  The Lake District, Cumbria

Lake Windermere
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Lake District, a region and national park, is located in Cumbria. It offers excellent scenic views and beholds historical value. The Lake District National Park is also a world heritage site. It is a must-visit spot if you enjoy spending time in lush green valleys with picturesque freshwater lakes. Visiting the famous museums and exploring Keswick and Kendal’s market towns should be on your to-do list when in the Lake District. If you enjoy walking and hiking in the wild, you’ll find several spots to do so. Visit the Langdale valley that has a small village named Elterwater and beautiful lakes. The northern lakes are must-visit spots too. Finding caravanning and camping sites in the Lake District is easy.

4.  Snowdonia, North Wales

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North Wales is a holiday destination in the UK that offers something for all types of travellers. The Snowdonia National Park features many waterfalls, walking, and hiking trails for all the adventure enthusiasts. You can indulge in mountain biking, river rafting, and many other adventurous activities in Snowdonia. Moreover, you can also climb Snowdon Mountain, the highest in Wales and England. North Wales doesn’t let the history buff down. The famous Conwy Castle has eight massive towers and battlements that offer an excellent sea view. The Isle of Anglesey is another renowned tourist attraction of North Wales. You can find many camping and caravan sites nearby Snowdonia National Park in North Wales.

5.  Glenfinnan, Scottish Highlands

Glenfinnan Viaduct
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Scottish Highlands is another excellent destination for both adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers. If you are keen on hiking, the Cairngorms National Park may be the best place to visit in the Scottish Highlands. Other than that, Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park is another scenic national park you can explore. Long walks along the cliffs of the Ducansby Head can be a mesmerizing experience. The holiday destination does not fall short of historical monuments since it boasts of the famous Eilean Donan Castle. You can spend quality time with the family in the wilderness of Glencoe. If you are Potterhead, you are more likely to acknowledge that most of the Harry Potter films were shot in the Scottish Highlands. However, Glencoe and Glenfinnan are the two most recognizable spots of all.

Final Thoughts

That sums up the list of the five best caravan holiday destinations in the UK. Hopefully, the list inspires you to plan an itinerary according to your preferences. Apart from the places mentioned above, the United Kingdom features many more camping holiday destinations like Dorset, Somerset & Wiltshire, Hampshire, etc. Almost all the popular destinations offer excellent stay and camping options with resorts and static caravan stays. However, if you do not have a caravan but prefer to stay in one, it is better to plan the itinerary based on the availability of static caravan rental services.

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  1. Ooh yes love North Wales and the Highlands in Scotland – such great places for a Caravan holiday and also staycations will be big this year with everything going on but these places still offer space and freedom

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