Our Dream 2024 Family Bucket List: Luxury Holidays to Dubai and UK Adventures

As 2023 draws to a close in what can only be described as wet and miserable, I have already started to turn my mind towards new adventures in 2024, and we’re dreaming big with our family bucket list! While we usually stick to our beloved UK for our adventures, in 2024, we would love to add a sprinkle of international luxury and explore more hidden gems at home.

Our Dream 2024 Family Bucket List: Luxury Holidays to Dubai and UK Adventures 1

Dubai sits at the top of our 2024 dream list, embodying the quintessence of ‘luxury holidays to Dubai’. This city has captured our imaginations with its stunning luxury and vibrant culture. While it’s a dream we’re still figuring out how to fulfil, the idea of experiencing the luxury of Dubai, perhaps in a grand hotel or villa with a private pool for those serene late-night swims, fills us with excitement. Imagining Dubai’s blend of luxury, culture, and modern marvels is a tempting prospect for our family.

Our Dream 2024 Family Bucket List: Luxury Holidays to Dubai and UK Adventures 2

Back in the UK, our hearts belong to the captivating Devon coast, a place that has become an annual pilgrimage for our family. Renowned for its spectacular coastline, the Devon coast offers diverse experiences, from the golden sands of its beaches to the rugged beauty of its cliffs.

Each year, we find ourselves drawn to its charm, exploring the quaint seaside villages, indulging in fresh, local seafood, and embarking on scenic coastal walks that reveal new wonders at every turn. And there’s nothing quite like the thrill of bodyboarding in Devon’s rolling waves – a family favourite activity that never gets old.

These visits are more than just holidays; they are cherished traditions, weaving together memories that last a lifetime. This enduring allure secures the Devon coast as a must-visit destination on our 2024 bucket list.

Our Dream 2024 Family Bucket List: Luxury Holidays to Dubai and UK Adventures 3

The Lake District holds a special place in our family’s heart, with happy memories from our past trips. It’s a must-visit again for us in 2024. With its majestic mountains and serene lakes, this region offers the perfect backdrop for our family hikes, where each trail brings a new discovery and a chance to reconnect with nature.

Our boat rides on the tranquil waters of the lakes are moments of pure joy and peace, often punctuated by the kids’ laughter echoing across the water. The natural beauty of the Lake District never ceases to amaze us, with its picturesque landscapes offering a stunning panorama at every turn.

And who could forget that one trip where we braved an all-night downpour, taking turns to push the water off the tent roof? It was a true adventure that brought us closer together and added to our collection of cherished family stories. These experiences, both serene and exciting, make the Lake District an unmissable part of our 2024 adventures.

Our Dream 2024 Family Bucket List: Luxury Holidays to Dubai and UK Adventures 4

Our recent trip to Edinburgh was such a delightful experience that we’ve already started planning our return trip to Scotland, this time focusing on its historic castles. Scotland’s rich tapestry of history offers an unparalleled journey through time. It’s not just about the castles themselves; it’s about immersing ourselves in the stories and the landscapes that cradle these ancient structures. Each castle has a unique tale, from battles and romance to intrigue and resilience. Exploring these historic marvels allows us to enter a world where history feels alive and tangible.

The kids were especially fascinated by the myths and legends, picturing knights and royalty as we wandered through Edinburgh’s cobbled streets. This newfound love for Scotland’s history drives our eagerness to delve deeper into its past, exploring more of its majestic castles. We’re looking forward to walking through the halls where history was made, surrounded by the breathtaking scenery that Scotland is famed for. This tour is not just a journey through places but through time, and we can’t wait to embark on this adventure.


Wales, surprisingly, is one area we haven’t explored, even though it’s an integral part of my family heritage. This realisation has sparked a strong desire to connect with our roots and discover the wonders that Wales has to offer. It’s on our 2024 bucket list, beckoning us with its rugged coastline and beautiful national parks.

There’s something quite exciting about venturing into a place that feels new and familiar, where part of my ancestry lies. We’re eager to embrace the outdoor activities Wales is famous for – perhaps we’ll try our hand at some new water sports or explore the winding trails that showcase the country’s natural beauty.

The kids are thrilled at the prospect of discovering a part of their heritage, and I can’t wait to see Wales through their eyes. It’s not just a journey to a new destination; it’s a journey to a part of our family’s past. We’re looking forward to immersing ourselves in the Welsh culture, scenery, and adventure, uncovering the stories and landscapes that are a part of our own story.


And finally, our plans wouldn’t be complete without a relaxing staycation in the picturesque Cotswolds, a place that’s seen us camping under the stars, indulging in luxury hotel stays, and even joining lively local festivals. The Cotswolds, with its rolling hills and quintessentially English countryside, beckons us back year after year.

We adore the quaint cottages, perfect for cosy family evenings, and the gentle, leisurely walks through lush fields and alongside babbling brooks. The local cuisine, a delightful mix of traditional and contemporary flavours, is always a highlight.

Our trips here are filled with laughter and relaxation as we step back from the hustle and bustle of daily life. These simple joys – a scenic countryside walk, a delicious meal in a village pub, the kids playing freely in open fields – make the Cotswolds an enduring family favourite.

So there you have it – our dream bucket list for 2024, blending the exotic luxury of Dubai with the diverse beauty of the UK. What’s on your family’s bucket list? I’d love to hear your plans and maybe get more ideas for our future adventures!

Remember, it’s all about creating unforgettable memories and showing our kids the wonderful diversity of our world – both near and far.

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