Looking Out for Each Other: Safe and Sensible Family Rules for the Home and on the Go

Families need to stick together. But that’s not just a banal saying. It should be put in action. To start, a family should establish rules and regulations concerned with the welfare of all members. Safe and sensible rules should apply to the back porch or when the family is on vacation. Looking out for one another is an all-the-time need.

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Prevent Poisoning

All harmful household products should be kept in one location and locked when small children and pets are present. Furthermore, any harmful chemicals or goods used in the bathroom for vanity purposes (rubbing alcohol) should be placed out of reach of small children or in places pets can’t get to.

Watch Water

Pets and children are drawn to water. In most settings, under supervision, kids are okay to go near water. However, those with pools need to take proper precaution, placing a fence around the water to keep kids out. Also, all family members need to be aware of the location of small kids and pets when the pool is in use.

Check Windows

Again, kids and pets are drawn to a hazard. In this case, it’s windows that could have weak or no screens. Furthermore, older houses may have paint that is peeling along the windows, which poses a different kind of hazard. Secure all windows in the house, instruct children that they are not allowed to press their hands or faces on the screen, and be sure screens are strong enough to resist the curiosity of a small dog or cat.

Clear Floors

Clear floorways of toys. If you can teach kids to clean up after they are finished, all the better. However, you don’t want a family member to trip or fall on a toy in the middle of the night. Also, place nightlights in dim hallways so no one trips going to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Get Think SafetySafety Features

Buy products with plenty of safety features. In addition to childproofing your home, find a vehicle that is befitting of a family. The Dodge Durango is spacious enough for many members and hosts a number of features that makes moms and dads feel safer on the road. Additionally, if you have small children, read up on the best safety seats.

Secure the Front Door

Some live in communities where they feel as if the front door does not have to be locked. Most of us would like to have some more peace of mind, especially with children in the home. Therefore, a way to guard or monitor the front door is a nice thing. You could invest in video cameras or a gadget like the Ring that connects to your front door and allows you to monitor visitor actions via your smartphone.

Heavy Objects

Take a walk through the home. Are any objects above the waist of an adult and placed where they could get knocked off? You don’t want to jeopardise the health of small children and pets via poorly placed objects. Be sure no heavy objects are on top of an entertainment centre or bookcase.

Harriet Daniels is lucky enough to be a stay-at-home Mom for the moment, raising her 2 little girls ages 2 and 5. She writes about the up’s and down’s of family life.

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