Will Baby Look Like Me? Common Questions: Egg Donation

    Couples facing infertility have many, many questions to confront, chief among them being “Why me?” and “What next?” But when other treatments have failed, egg donation is an option that allows couples to ask, “Could this really help?” Here are five common infertility questions related to donor egg costs to become pregnant. Who needs egg […]

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  • Apps for Mums

    Apps for Mums

    There are lots of apps on the market for soon-to-be mums, and new mums. Where you want to track your baby’s development and progress, or have some time to yourself, or losing the baby weight, there’s apps for everything. Apps on the market The bump, which is available in both iTunes and Android, is an […]

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  • Why I wish I had done exercise in pregnancy . . .

    It’s a bit late to complain about it now but looking back I really wish I had found the energy to exercise during each of my pregnancies. When pregnant with Little Bean, my beautiful first-born, I was working full time so I didn’t really have lots of time to exercise BUT I did do lots […]

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  • Mummy Matters

    An experienced Mum’s impression of #Bumpfest

    Rather like Supermodels who don’t get out of bed for some ridiculous sum of money, I don’t usually get out of bed before 6.30am if I can help it (since the night feeds stopped) but the lure of a child-free day out in London was just too much temptation for me so my alarm was […]

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