• Mummy Matters

    An experienced Mum’s impression of #Bumpfest

    Rather like Supermodels who don’t get out of bed for some ridiculous sum of money, I don’t usually get out of bed before 6.30am if I can help it (since the night feeds stopped) but the lure of a child-free day out in London was just too much temptation for me so my alarm was […]

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  • Elastolabo®: New product launched to help prevent perineal trauma during childbirth

    Every year, up to 55% of women (approximately 330,000) suffer from perineal trauma, damage to the area between the vagina and anus, during childbirth. The statistics around this incredibly common and painful side effect of childbirth aren’t widely discussed but a medical product does exist for pregnant women to help prevent tearing or the need […]

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  • Jelly Bean’s Birth Story 1

    Jelly Bean’s Birth Story

    It’s hard to believe that Jelly Bean has been here over three weeks already and yet in some ways it’s hard to imagine the days before he arrived, it just feels normal to have him here. My readers will not be surprised to learn that I was getting a little impatient towards the end of […]

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  • This time last year . . .

    This time last year was my due date for our eagerly awaited baby boy and I still looked like this . . . This time last year I had woken up thinking “he won’t come today”. This time last year I had spent the afternoon in the maternity unit hooked up to monitors to listen […]

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  • I’m in labour!!

    About 5 minutes after my post this morning “Where are you baby?” I popped to the loo to “spend a penny” and ended up getting more than I bargained for.  My first thought was “have I just wet myself” but bearing in mind I’d just had a wee, I thought that was a very unlikely […]

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