Where would we be without our Greatest Grandparents?

Grandparents are amazing people aren’t they?! I remember when I was a child that my Grandparents were the most magical people in my world, of course I loved my Mum but Grandparents are supposed to be special aren’t they. They are allowed to spoil you, they don’t really do much of the ‘telling off’, they take you for walks, days out and holidays, they buy you sweets and chase the bus when you leave your most treasured teddy bear behind!

I have been asking the Beans today, what it is that makes their Grandparents so special. It was a fun and heart-warming exercise to do because it came from their hearts. Unfortunately Curly couldn’t be involved because he is away on holiday with a friend and at the moment Jelly Bean is a little too young to fully understand the question but Little Bean and Beanie Boy were more than happy to give me their thoughts without any prompting from us.

Many children don’t have Grandparents around but the Beans are very lucky to have both my Mum and Hubby’s Mum and Dad. As parents, both Hubby and I are very lucky to have their help and support too. Having four children is no easy task but they help us with childcare, they have the Beans individually for sleepovers which enables Hubby and I to give the other Beans special quality alone time which is important for a happy family. We receive lots of emotional support as well as financial when times have been tough.

We were invited to take part in the Greatest Grandparents Challenge by HSL Chairs who have been delivering comfort, quality and a caring service to their customers for over 40 years. Their chairs are handmade premium quality with unrivalled back-care support.

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