‘Lettuce’ get fit and fabulous in 2015!

Please forgive me the super cheesy title but I just couldn’t resist!! Have you missed me? I haven’t blogged since before Christmas as I have given myself a well-earned break and coupled with that, the whole family have been completed knocked out by flu this festive season and we are still not over it completely. Now I am wishing I found the time to go and get myself that flu vaccination that I was just ‘too busy’ for. I shall pop back shortly to tell give you a fly-by peek at our Christmas and New Year celebrations but for now I’m looking in to the future and by that I mean the future of our health and fitness!

Baby Kale

2015 sees Mr Mummy Matters turning 40 in April and he has declared that he is going to be FIT, FAB and 40 not FAT, FLAB and 40 so it’s only fair that I encourage him by getting in with the fitness. My journey to a healthier me began in March 2014 and has gone very well so far, at the end of 2014 I had lost 1.5 stone in weight through smoothies and healthy eating. I haven’t eaten breakfast cereal in a long time as I love my smoothies much more to kick-start my day and one of my favourites is the Baby Kale breakfast smoothie. It is so simple to prepare and is ready in minutes so whereas I used to have to wait until after the school run for my breakfast of cereals, I can now make my breakfast whilst the Beans put their shoes and coats on and then take it with me to drink on the run. Better than that, it’s packed with energising ingredients to see me through the morning AND Jelly Bean loves it too so I make enough that we can share. My challenge of course is to make a smoothie which Little Bean will one day consider drinking and I WILL find one so watch this space!

With the family being so poorly through over Christmas and New Year we seem to have ventured in to the territory of regulary eating rubbish food just to get through the day but as our routines return to normal it’s time to get back to the good stuff. Our starters on Christmas Day were Garlic and Mozzarella stuffed mushrooms on a bed of salad and I have been thinking about that salad ever since, something I never thought I would say over Christmas but it’s the truth. They do say that your body craves what it needs so perhaps it’s time I started to listen to mine.

What does 2015’s meal plans have in store for you?


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