#KindnessChangesLives Make your Random Acts of Kindness

As I sit in my lounge watching DIY SOS Big Build for Children In Need, I am once again reminded of the huge displays of kindness and how #KindnessChangesLives. It’s one of my favourite programs and warms my heart (and often brings a tear to my eye).

Pass it forward

I try to do one kind thing each day as I am a firm believer in the ‘pass it forward’ theory that if you do a random act of kindness for one person, they in turn will do an act of kindness for another and so it goes on. There is so much hate and sorrow in the world which dominate the news, it’s easy to feel that kindness is a thing of the past . . . but it isn’t. Each day I talk to friends, family and strangers, they talk of the things that they have done for others or others have done for them.

My friend Karin

Karin Joyce

My friend Karin is very keen to drive the kindness movement and I couldn’t be more proud of her. When Karin was going through a darker time as a result of post natal depression, her Dad asked her to think of ‘3 good things’ at the end of each day; it could be anything from a hot cup of tea to a hug from a friend or flowers for no reason. That was back in 2014 and Karin still looks for the good every day.

I met Karin at a baby music class when our daughters were just 6 weeks old, Lillie and Ella are now 9 years old and still firm friends like us Mums. We have been through all of the parenting highs and lows together. The one thing I have always loved about Karin is that she is an ideas lady, she has great ideas and is proactive, when something needs to change, she changes it or gives you tips and advice on how to make the changes for yourself.

Relax Kids

Earlier this year Karin qualified as a Relax Kids Coach and now runs children’s coaching sessions on happiness, relaxation and mindfulness. My children have attended and loved it. Karin regularly runs kindness and mindfulness sessions at local schools, most recently running a full day a Kindness Rocks workshop on World Kindness Day. Karin spent the day with the children in small groups decorating rocks to take home and hide in the community for others to find and bring a smile to their face. The result has been that the teachers have commented on how different the children have been after talking to Karin, they are being kinder to each other, more mindful of their friends and fellow classmates.

Kindness Rocks

Karin wants to spread the happiness wherever she goes, she is taking her Relax Kids sessions on the road and wants more schools to work with. So this is my ‘random act of kindness’ I want to bring Karin to the front of your minds. If you think that Karin could help you or your school, give her a shout and see how she can help to bring the happiness and kindness back into your life.

Your Random Act of Kindness?

Have you made any random acts of kindness recently? Do you feel that you could do more? Oxfam have been working in Vietnam since 1955 where there are still 13 milllion people living in poverty. Your donations can mean the difference between safe and clean water for families or dirty, germ ridden water promoting illness and disease.


Poor Healthcare and Hygiene

For those that can afford it, healthcare is readily available in Vietnam. However, for the poor and marginalised groups, there is reduced access and opportunity for treatment. Those less fortunate cannot afford health insurance, so when a parent or child becomes ill, they have to borrow money and sell their assets in order to pay for treatment.

With poor hygiene comes illness from dirty environments and dirty water. The hygiene in places such as Vietnam and Uganda is poor, meaning the risk of disease and illness is much higher.

Nearly 57% of total health spending in Vietnam comes from the pockets of the families because they don’t have any insurance. In 2012, over 400,000 Vietnamese households were pushed further into poverty because of their extortionate healthcare bills.

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