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Karcher DIY Multi Purpose Vac – MV3P

We have just passed our 4th anniversary of living in our new build home so we haven’t exactly had to do very much DIY but the house is starting to look a little tired now, well what do you expect with four children to put it through it’s paces? In the past I haven’t exactly welcomed the idea of Hubby doing any form of DIY because, how can I say this? He makes a whole load of unnecessary mess (in my opinion) and he isn’t always overkeen on the cleaning up process because it can be so laborious.

Karcher MultiVac

Since the Karcher DIY Multi Purpose Vac arrived, it’s a whole new ballgame. The Multi-Vac is Hubby’s new favourite toy, poor old Henry has been relegated to the corner of the garage because he just didn’t cut the mustard. It just so happened that Hubby was about to attempt some outdoor DIY installing our new water feature in the garden and needed to drill a hole through the garage wall for the power supply. Cleaning up afterwards was a doddle using the Multi-Vac and Hubby was so impressed, he even went on to hoover out the entire garage. Our driveway always seems to be windy and so whenever we open the garage doors the garage is full of dust and dead leaves. Hubby has now taken to hoovering out the garage every couple of weeks. His ultimate aim is to clear the garage out and paint all of the internal walls and floor but we need to empty it first!

When the Karcher DIY Multi Purpose Vac arrived, I admit I didn’t ‘get it’. What could be so special about having such a vacuum but then I watched the video below and suddenly all became clear. As with all Karcher products, the multi-vac is built to be tough and stand up to whatever you want to throw at it so the multi-vac is a monster of a machine which won’t just suck up dust but will whizz away rubble, sawdust, brick dust and other DIY messes in the blink of an eye without damaging the vac itself. It all collects in the strong bag ready to be thrown away.

But it’s not just the dry stuff that the Karcher DIY Multi Purpose Vac can deal with, oh no! The multi-vac won’t even break into a sweat with sludge, liquid spills or even a blocked sink (just remember to remove the bag first). AND it doesn’t just suck it blows too, so the next time you are trimming bushes and cursing at all the clippings which have dropped onto gravel below, have no fear because with the Multi-Vac you can just blow it off the gravel so that it can be easily sucked up in an instant. It can also be attached to power tools such as a jigsaw to suck away the mess before it even happens AND to make life even easier for you, the Karcher Multi-Vac has an electric socket on the front so the power tool can be plugged directly into the Multi-Vac and when you press start on your power tool, the Multi-Vac will switch on automatically and switch off 5 seconds after you do so that it sucks away all the remaining mess to leave the hose debris-free!

As well as keeping the garage clean and tidy, Hubby has been using the multi-vac to clean the inside of our cars and to hoover up the patio from all the fallen leaves whilst I start planning his next DIY mission. His only slightly negative comment has been that the power cable isn’t very generous so when using the Multi-Vac outdoors he always has to use an extension cable to get around but we can handle that because the positives far out-weigh the negative.

The other great thing I like about all Karcher products is the ability to store everything away neatly, all the attachments have their own little homes on the back of the Multi-Vac and the cable has it’s own hook too. Now if I could only train Hubby how to tidy that bit away too – I guess we can’t expect miracles!

DISCLAIMER: We were sent the Karcher DIY Multi Purpose Vac to test as part of our role as Karcher Clean Ambassadors. All words, images and opinions are my own and may not be copied without my permission.


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