HELP!!! I’m stepmum to a teenager!!! Happy 13th Birthday Curly xx

Happy Birthday

No prizes for guessing where this one got his blog name from then! Just look at this little giggler, this is how Curly looked when he came into my life when I met his Daddy. A very cute and cheeky little tike with masses of blonde curly hair, I don’t know where the time goes but today we are celebrating Curly’s 13th Birthday – it’s official he is a teenager!

Being a stepmum hasn’t always been easy and I shouldn’t think Curly would tell you that being a Stepson has been easy either BUT we love each other just the same. Curly is very much his father’s son and has many of the same annoying traits, traits which funnily enough annoy his Dad too (go figure??) but Curly is also a very loving boy who gives great hugs, will read books until the end of time, is RUBBISH at telling jokes and has passed this onto his younger siblings who are equally rubbish. He has an infectious giggle, is very much the entertainer and this year has made us very proud of his efforts so far at school. He loves all things Lego, Zombies and Vampires and is growing out of his trousers at a rate of knots, when will his legs stop?????

Today, we say Happy 13th Birthday Curly – please don’t turn into one of those Kevin and Perry teenagers, we love you just the way you are xxx

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