How to Keep a Tidy Home with Kids

Keeping a house tidy with little ones running around seems like an impossible task. With dirty fingertips, muddy shoes, and splattered food dominating the household, it can sometimes feel like there is no point in even trying! Fortunately, there are some simple ways to keep a tidy home even when you have children – here they are.

Use Washable Paint/Wallpaper

How to Keep a Tidy Home with Kids

There’s no doubt that with children, your walls will become mucky at some point or another. Most paints are notorious for being difficult to clean, meaning your home could end up looking like a stain filled mess rather quickly. To combat this, use washable paint or wallpaper. This way, when spills or mucky fingerprints happen, you can easily wipe it down.

Reduce Your Items

The more stuff, the more clutter, making it beneficial to enter a minimalistic lifestyle, at least while your kids are young. Be handy with storage, too – they don’t need all their toys out at once!

If you have too many items but don’t want to get rid of them all, then have a look for storage near me. This way, you can keep your stuff without having it cluttering your home!

Teach Responsibility

For a tidier home, make sure you teach your kids the responsibility of tidying up after themselves as early as possible. Reward them for cleaning their plate after a meal, wiping down surfaces, and doing the washing up (once they are old enough).

Buy a Robot Vacuum

How to Keep a Tidy Home with Kids 1

After a full day of work and an evening running around after kids, the last thing you want to do is vacuum the house. Fortunately, with a robot vacuum, you can avoid this chore while keeping your floor dirt free! It will memorise your house’s layout and periodically zoom around, picking up dust and dirt along with it.

Create a Tidy Schedule

Make it easier to keep on top of chores by writing out a tidy schedule. Include everyone in the house in the plan, so everyone is doing their bit – even the kids if they’re old enough. Doing chores bit by bit will help you keep on top of everything so that it doesn’t get to Saturday and you have six hours of cleaning to do.

Lots of Baskets

Storage baskets

When you have children’s items and clothes hanging around the place, baskets are your best friend. On the days when you are too tired to sort things properly, you can throw them into various baskets, allowing for a tidy space with minimal effort. Plus, it’ll be easy to put them back in their proper place if they’re all kept together!

Accept a Little Mess Most importantly, forgive yourself for the overflowing washing pile and the cluttered dining table. It’s hard being a parent, and you can’t always be on top of your game. Don’t get stressed when your house isn’t pristine, as it’s normal when kids are involved – it is enough to do the best you can.

How to Keep a Tidy Home with Kids 2

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