An Interior You Can Just Splash Into

Without a doubt, our home is the only real time we can ever relax. Getting up in the morning and sifting out of bed is a challenge in itself. It’s because psychologically, it isn’t just that the bed we’re in is comfortable, it’s ours. You could sleep in a hotel bed and still be calm and cosy, but the fact that you’re in your own home makes it safer in our minds. This is why so many in the lower-middle class and middle class are opting for a more comprehensive decor design. Sure, you could go for the elegant and suave interior design that dips into periodic designs, or perhaps blend the obscure modernism together with recent contemporary. However, normally, you will have to sacrifice comfort for form when you’re trying to climb the ladder in stylish pieces. The older you get and perhaps when you’re children are growing up in the home, the last thing you might want is expensive decor pieces scattered around. Yet you don’t need to truly bring forth chic and sophisticated interior design and plunge in the knife at the altar of compromise. You can, in fact, have both a home you can really splash into while remaining in the realms of good taste.


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Welcome and seek passage

What’s the first thing you’re body will be greeted by when you enter into your home? Still, don’t know? Well, picture you’re coming in from a hard day at work, or you’re flustered and just about managing to keep the kids under control. You put your key into your front door, and you finally make your way in. The welcome mat is the first thing you will touch once you’re inside. This piece of subtle but still relevant decor has a very practical gift. It’s not only a polite hello and an expression of openness, but it’s there to keep the mud and dirt from spreading through the home. You get the generic and cheap versions that are basically made out of a fine bristle; kind of like a shoe cleaning brush. But this mat doesn’t need to be stiff and uncomfortable to anyone who isn’t wearing a pair of shoes. There are options that do both catches and hang onto dirt while also not being coarse on the soles of your feet.

The immediate hallway you’re met with in most homes is going to be treated like a passage. It connects the kitchen to the living room, the living room to the stairs and or pantry, and the stairs to the front door. If your home has carpet and or some form of low-cost flooring such as lino you might want to check if it’s still nice to tread on. Over the years and years, especially at this part of the home carpets and other flooring gets worn down. They have to support many footsteps and pressures every single day. To create a nice passage that isn’t an interim transit for the different rooms, you can lay down a narrow but long rug. The best bet would be to find something that is a mix of man-made fibers while also bouncing around with synthetics. Look for a cotton and nylon mix if you can. The designs will vary, but since it’s completely for practical purposes, the style it exhibits isn’t as important as how it feels.


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Feel free to slouch

There’s no place like home, and where better can you chill with your family than in the living room? The star of the show is, of course, the sofa and or couch. It’s the ‘do-all’ and asks no questions servant of the entire home. It’s where you can sluggish, and throw your weight around. Watching television or eating a snack it feels good to slouch down and pay no mind to your form and posture in any way at all. Shoulders slumped, and lumbar spine in a peculiar position, it’s almost as if you want to sink into yourself when you’re tired and on the sofa. For those reasons, the humble fabric and foam combination has never really been left out in the cold. Many new interior designers have looked at the sofa and tried to innovate and bring in some drastic styles. Many of them have been successful, but among families, the leather and feather mixture hasn’t been overly accepted. Instead, you can make your sofa even more snug and pleasant than before. By filling your seats with high-quality foam, you bring out the shape of them even more. You create a blocky but ultimately soft material that allows you to sink in further than before. Just take your measurements to the company’s website, and they will cut your foam to whatever size you need. From the seats, back supports to the arms rests; you have complete control over what you want to increase in size. This foam is designed to absorb your weight no matter what position you take; great for families who like to sit together.


Source Markus Spiske

Why like cosy curtains?

From the outside, curtains are there to purely play a practical role. In a way, they’re also a defensive part of the interior design. They don’t allow observers from the outside a chance to peer into your home. They protect your privacy which no other piece of decor can or does. They also play a role in making sure the home keeps warm. Curtains are being affected by both the outside elements and the internal atmosphere of your home. You would be right in now determining your humble curtains as playing a much bigger role in your style. In terms of aesthetics, you can do pretty much anything. But first and foremost, let’s consider the elevation of what curtains are designed to do. They are the gatekeepers of your home’s warmth. Beyond them lies your windows which will inevitably turn cold as the outside gets cooler. Cheap curtains are fitted to the majority of homes because the mass market needs speed and efficiency when it comes to property building. This leaves a lot to be desired in many if not all parts of your home. Synthetic materials will only be useful up to a certain temperature, and they expose this as autumn and winter draw in. Buy purely cotton or woollen curtains to keep the warmth in your home from escaping. We all like cosiness in our homes, but what is it really? It’s the fact that we can curl up and have our bodies warmed up to the surroundings. The natural materials of cotton and wool are fantastic to trap heated air molecules. So you can, in fact, save money on your heating bill as you’re conserving the warm air for much longer with thicker curtains.


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Soft on the eyes

Why oh why are the majority of homes lit up with sharp white lights? It’s incredibly generic and total surrender of imagination. You could drably point out that it’s a cost effective approach to lighting all kinds of rooms. It doesn’t matter if they’re large or small, white light obviously the brightest and so, it easily penetrates and digs its way into every nook and cranny. It’s versatile for sure, but what kind of effect does white light have on our moods? When you’re tired or just about waking up out of a stupor, the last thing you want is a shearing white light to cut into your eyes. So consider lamps or maybe even bulbs as part of your normal central room lighting that differ in color. For example, if you have three lights pointed in different directions as your central lighting, you can change one of them to be a softer color. The best choice would be a gentle peach; it’s a blend between dull, dim and fruitful. In fact, you can have this for all of your rooms; simply pick a softer shade of light. For the kitchen, you could have a glowing yellow or orange much like the tone of a sunset. In the living room, you could have the peach or beige color. For the bedroom, a neutral baby blue bulb would be superb. You get the picture. Be creative with the kinds of colors you use while the sole aim of creating a relaxed tone that bounces around the room. Calmer colors also soften the edges of objects, so one other plus to this is that rooms look less crowded and rigid; great for entering into a relaxed state.

These are just a few examples of what your home could achieve. They’re easy solutions to problems that plague every household. The first thing you’ll see and touch when you enter your home is the mat and the passage carpet. Therefore you should seek to strike a balance between functioning competence and convenient comfort. Don’t go too overboard as they are only bouts of purgatory leading to and from each room. The best sofa is the one that you can dolphin dive into. Something that is incredibly malleable, but not so much that is completely losing its shape and support. Thicker curtains mean thinner bills because the heat that is pushed back from the brink of escape allows you to turn the heating off sooner than previously needed. White light is so overrated, it’s the cheap way out, and it doesn’t have to be tolerated anymore. A softer tone would be perfect for dreary eyes after a long hard day.

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