3 Ways to Make Travelling with Younger Children Easier

Travelling with younger children can be quite a challenge, especially if you need to catch a flight. Spending time trying to navigate your way through the airport at peak times of the year is challenging. Below are some simple ways to make your journey that little bit easier and hopefully gives you some inspiration when it comes to keeping your kids entertained!

Stay close by to the airport

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Early morning flight? Take some of the stress out of your journey to the airport by opting to stay at a hotel close by, it can really help you get your holiday off to a peaceful start. Hotels such as the Thistle London Heathrow T5 offer an easy to get to location with special offers including parking options, so always worth keeping an eye out for any offers before you travel! Saving time before you get to the airport can sometimes be all you need to help get you through a day of travelling as there’s no mad rush out the door in the early hours of the morning. If you’re travelling from the main airport in the North, such as Manchester then it’s always worth checking out what they have nearby.

Pack activity bags for the flight

travelling with younger children

Keeping kids entertained on the flight isn’t always an easy task, especially if you don’t have access to enough electronic devices for each child. Packing little activity bags is always a good idea as you can fill them with some colour books, toys, some fruit, small packets of sweets (not too many, you are on a plane after all) or a new book they’ve been wanting to read. Making them their own little bag will also be a nice treat for once they’ve made it through the airport, giving them something to look forward to, plus its acts as a little incentive. If you don’t have time to make your own, then there are plenty of places to grab some from such as Keep Em Quite.

Arm yourself with snacks and games


This can help you pass the time at the airport especially if there are any delays or you have a while to wait until you board the plane. Keeping the kids involved with games whilst you’re at the airport can help to keep them distracted, why not try some plane spotting, or guess the destination when you get to the boarding gate. It can be a great way to get everyone involved and doesn’t require any props or games to be unpacked from your hand luggage.! It’s also handy to have some snacks on hand, especially when hanger strikes, and you have some rather eager children to feed. Easy to pack snacks, such as fruit, crisps and biscuits – nothing too messy are good options! Here is some more inspiration if you need any!

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