How would you spend an inheritance?

In 2016 I said goodbye to an exceptional lady, someone who had been in my life since I was a baby. Months after she passed away, I received a letter from her solicitors to say that she had left me some money in her Will. Something which I didn’t expect but appreciate very much. Now that her estate is almost at a close, I can start to think about how I might like to spend the inheritance. It isn’t a life-changing sum of money, but it’s enough for us to think about how to spend it to its best advantage.

Home Improvements

How would you spend an inheritance?

It seems silly to be considering home improvements already, our house is only 7 years old, but that means that everything is wearing out at the same time. We have decorated most rooms in the house, but the hallway is now looking very tired with so much traffic. Our original plan had been to put a marble floor in the hall instead of the carpet, but now that we have Bramble we think perhaps solid wood or parquet flooring might show less dirt from his paws.


In particular, two rooms are driving me crazy at the moment, and that is our bedroom and the boy’s bedroom. We had had our wardrobes since before we were married and whilst they are still standing strong, Hubby and I really want to get fitted wardrobes to improve the look of our bedroom.

I can’t say the same for the boys’ bedroom furniture, they have their gorgeous bunk bed which is as sturdy as a house, but their wardrobes and drawers are falling apart and open all by themselves when you walk past. Any recommendations for children’s bedroom furniture would be gratefully accepted.

Family Holiday


Do we blow it on a big family holiday? It’s an excellent idea but honestly? I still feel that Albie is too young to remember holidays correctly, Lillie was only 6 years old when we last went to Butlins and, I’m sorry to say that she can’t remember it at all. She remembers aspects of it but not enough for it to matter. If we are going to spend lots of money on holiday, I want it to be one which will create memories for a lifetime.

New Mummy Van


When you have a big family like us, you need a big car, and for me, that means a van – well sort of. I drive a Hyundai i800, and I LOVE it! It has cost us a fair bit of money over the years in breakdowns, but I would buy another one in a heartbeat. My love for vans didn’t start with a big family; I was a fan long before I loved VW campervans, old and new. Working for Volkswagen only cemented that love for them but sadly I can’t quite make the inheritance stretch to a new VW, so I’m on the hunt for a new i800.

Something personal

I keep asking myself what Dot would have wanted me to do with my money; she was a very wise lady with a head for business to want me to spend the money wisely. I will perhaps update some of the equipment I need for my business to continue to grow, but I also want to find a unique jewellery piece that I can wear and think of her. Something blue since that was her favourite colour, she always looked pretty in blue.

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