Interesting Information on the Muay Thai Hand Wraps

Modern Muay Thai is derived from the many forms of Muay Boran, which translates to ‘Ancient Boxing’, once used by warriors in Thailand centuries ago, to defend their borders. Often, different facilities have introduced different equipment depending upon the capability of the person who performs Muay Thai counting the availability of the materials needed.

Why buy Muay Thai Hand Wraps?

It is better to purchase your own Muay Thai hand wraps if you are planning to be a trainer or practitioner or even if you only want to master this art of self-defence. Usually, the equipment offered in the gym does not fit the physical strength and capacity of a beginner or intermediate level of user. Considering proper hygiene, it is also not recommendable to use hand-me-down equipment for it may be stained with blood and sweat by someone who had used it before.


Interesting Information on the Muay Thai Hand Wraps

Since clenching is one of the basic techniques in this sport, choosing a good hand wrap must be put into consideration in order to protect hands and wrists from injury. While punching, your hands are prone to harm and bag gloves are therefore required. Try to look for bag gloves which are not much larger than your own hand but just the one which looks just like the size of a boxing glove.


Whether purposely or unintentionally, your mouth may be attacked for some time so be sure to use a good mouthpiece. You may find a good one in several suppliers or you may ask for your dentist to make one for surer protection. Headgear is another essential equipment. Muay Thai hand wraps are also important equipment. It ensures that no one between the two players will be seriously injured while sparring.

For many people, this provides the adrenalin rush that draws them to what many people believe is one of the best martial arts for striking and stand up fighting. Men, women and children of all ages are learning Muay Thai Techniques with Muay Thai hand wraps for fun, fitness and fighting. As long as they are educated regarding the risks, have respect for their fellow trainees, Kru’s and the sport itself, they will have a rewarding experience.

Whether you are sparring at your local gym or dojo, fighting as an amateur or competing in the professional ranks, do it at the level appropriate for your ability. Have respect for your Kru, people you train with, the sport and use the correct Muay Thai training equipment.

Safety First

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 Ensure that people overseeing your activities are fully trained and accredited, can provide immediate first aid and have safety procedures if medical treatment is required. Many western training gyms are also associated with or recommend specific training gyms in Thailand and travel companies similar to this website can assist budding enthusiasts who are not associated with a training gym or dojo. It is a good idea to do your research on forums that discuss the various training gyms in Thailand and get some information from people who have been there before you plan a trip.

Basically, it makes a player stays longer in the game. Shin guards, foot protection, protective vests, kicking pads and Thai boxing shorts are the other gears used mainly to protect the players from any physical injury. This Muay Thai equipment like Muay Thai hand wraps are generally provided for the safety of either trainers or players while sparring or even in some amateur events. Know the good qualities of this equipment and where the affordable ones are available. Do not purchase equipment available at a low price which may cause you to break a rib or be bruised badly.

What are you waiting for? You got this far, now it’s time to get out there in the real world and start learning.

Interesting Information on the Muay Thai Hand Wraps 1

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