5 Ways Martial Arts can benefit women

We all come to an age when we’re like, right, it’s time to get into a routine to start getting back into shape. I know I am a victim of this. You must have heard it before, it gets harder when you get older and it’s true.

Our bodies start to slow down and our metabolism isn’t like how it used to be. I find myself getting bored of the gym, not knowing really what I’m supposed to be doing on the machines so I often stick to home workout exercises until I discovered Martial arts. There are so many different techniques and I was so intrigued I found myself browsing all about it on Martial Tribes.

Other than the action-packed exercises and moves you will learn when you practise this sport, I found out some other great things about how it can also benefit me as a woman.

Self Defence

Martial Art for Women

The most popular reason why women learn martial arts is to defend themselves. It gets scary sometimes when you are alone on the streets and anything could happen. Learning martial arts will help us overcome that fear and make us feel safe.

Martial art forms like Wing Chun teach you a technique where you can actually take on opponents bigger and stronger than you. Self-defence gives you an attractive boost of confidence and you become fearless.

Check out the local clubs and schools in your area, you’ll be surprised to see what is available from state-of-the-art Martial Arts Beaumont to small clubs at your local community centre, they all have something valuable to offer.

Improve Posture

During training you will learn to position yourself in fighting stances and doing this can improve your balance and posture. Having a good posture can help us with our spinal cord and when you have a good one of those, it can give us a better digestive system and help our organs to function better.

Women who stand tall and don’t slouch show confidence and it can also add a few inches to your height! You will appear more graceful and elegant when you walk with good posture, and it can help reduce tension and pain in the neck, shoulders and back.

Stress Reliever

Martial arts can be a great stress reliever with all the punches and kicks included in the workout. This can drop our stress levels and control how we connect the mind with the soul and body.

Tai Chi teaches you a breathing method that when done correctly the enzymes that are released during training can boost your mood and improve your attitude remarkably. This relaxing form of martial arts will have more graceful movements with slow hands and almost as if your body is moving to slow peaceful music.

When you can learn to control your stress you will be happier in general and it will appear on your face which also means fewer wrinkles!

Weight Loss

chinese do taichi outside

After a few sessions, you will lose weight and your muscles will feel more toned. There will also be improvements in your skin as this will become tighter and firmer and with a nutritional diet, your skin will be glowing.

My favourite thing of all is that I found out that even stubborn cellulite that was there before can reduce or even disappear! If you want something more high intensity in cardio, you should try Taekwondo as this can increase muscle tone and strength.

The more you train you will become more flexible and every movement will become better and with ease. Being flexible will increase your speed and coordination and reduce the risk of injuries.

Now, that’s a lot of good from a sport don’t you think? Don’t forget to understand martial arts and get deeper to really connect as it can teach you a lot of valuable life lessons.

Women should feel powerful, strong and beautiful and live life with a positive attitude. When you live this way, I can guarantee, you will be able to take on any obstacle you face and live a healthier happier you.

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  1. I don’t do any martial arts as such but do enjoy Body Balance which is a combination of yoga, tai chi and pilates moves. I love how it chills me out and focuses on core strength – something we all need! x

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