How do I fit the naps in?


On the whole I’ve always been a pretty lucky Mummy when it comes to the topic of sleep with my children. Little Bean slept through from 8 weeks, going to bed around 7pm and waking anywhere between 8am and 9am, then having two hour long naps, twice a day. Beanie Boy took longer to sleep through the night but he has still been keen on two hour long naps twice a day as well. All was going well with this routine until Little Bean started doing more hours at pre-school but now I’m struggling to fit my little man’s naps in.

Little Bean doesn’t start school until 9.15am and so by the time we get home its usually around 9.30am/9.45am so by the time Beanie Boy actually drifts off to sleep we’re talking 10am. He sleeps like clockwork until 12noon when he wakes up for some playtime followed by lunch. He then wants to go back to sleep around 2pm but by 3pm when I need to wake him up to collect Little Bean it is nearly impossible to wake him up and I feel bad for doing so. I have tried doing things differently like taking him out to keep him awake until after we have collected Little Bean but then he’s too excited by seeing her to go to bed after school and its too close to having his tea.

I know I’m not the first Mum to have a child in school and a baby (well ok 1 year old) at home so how have other Mothers managed it?

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